My Brother the Misogynist and Racist

This was posted the day before the Krysta post. I am considering saying this, which I did later; “One advantage black folks have over white folks, they don’t have to be tolerant of their racist brethren.” I got that wrong. When Trump is President, he will rejoice when the social safety net is taken away.

Rosamond Press

Mark 1962 Oakland High Junior Varsity Football ChampionsMark 1961Junior Varsity Football Oakland HighMark 1962 Oakland High Junior Varsity Football PartyMark 1963 Oakland High Varsity Football ChampionsMark 1963 Football Yearbook PhotoMark 1963 High School GraduationMark 1963 in Football Uniform 1Mark 1963 in Football Uniform 2Mark 1966 Army Basic Training Graduation

My brother played on the same Oakland High football team as Willie (Wilburt) Aikens  He was treated as the sane brother during our sister’s probate. He and Trump own the same Racist Misogynist Playbook. Not happy with their alleged achievements, they bolster their image by walking over people that they are sure – are not like them – and are inferior. Chazen, Mark, and Trump – are DESTROYERS!

Jon Presco

The Problem With The Women’s Movement

The Woman’s Movement is based on two entirely false premises. The first is that “Women have been oppressed and sexually exploited by Men”. This is just the opposite of what is really true. Women enjoy a privileged position in this society and have been making a living sexually exploiting Men for the last five million years. The second is that “Women want sexual equality”. This is the last thing Women want. It should…

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