Knight von Rosemund of the Priory de Sion

Samuel the Nazarite put a crown on the head of Saul, and then, David. Where did he get the permission to anoint God’s Ambassador to the Throne of Man?

Rosamond Press


St. Germaine releases a bevy of roses from her apron, and the Magdalene is shown holding a vase.”

Here is an old post made in my yahoogroup ‘Templar-de-Rosemont’ on April 25. 2006. Consider the apron of Saint Germaine. The true Rose Line was right under your noses. But, they could not smell the Rose of the World, lest, behold ‘The Rose of the World, because they are/were – not artists! They were not related to a famous woman artist, Christine Rosamond Presco, nor were they kin to Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor! I win! They lose! What is the title of that book in her lap?

Hit it Maestro!

When you go to The Garden’ and cut roses from the thorny bush, you come inside the house, and put the roses in a vase. You then add water!

Now do you see? Now do you get it? Here is my grandmother…

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