The Female King




There is talk about restoring the German Monarchy which might include the restoration of the Hapsburg Monarchy. Empress Zita had eight children who fled to America. Hitler had put a price on the head of their royal mother. That Ursula Van der Leyen assumed the name Rose Ladson in order to thwart left-wing assassins, is quite profound, for Rose Ursula became the head of the German Army, a role filled by Kings of the Holy Roman Empire, and the Kaiser.

The birthrate in Germany is way down, while 10,000 Syrian refugees come into the ancient Empire – each day! Is Donald Trump referring to this takeover of a caucasian land in regards to saving America from the same fate? Brexit has taken direct action in order to save  Britain from being overwhelmed by Muslims, by leaving the European Union. No one dare address this real crisis in a more direct way, lest they appear a White Racist. Allow me! I declared I was the King of California and Oregon. I was not aware of Rose Ladson and her five children that were born in California.

If Donald Trump becomes President, he will destroy what is about to be destroyed. He will hasten the process. White Voters are hysterical. They think they want another Hitler. What they want is the restoration of Monarchies and the founding of a new way to esteem them. Many Americans are saying they will leave the USA is Trump is elected. I see a secession of the States of Washington, Oregon, and California, and the formation of a new nation that will become allied with Mexico, Germany, and the European Union. I invite the descendants of the Forty-Eighters and Turners to form a political party to replace the Republican Party they helped found.

Before I beheld Belle Burch I was looking for a model for my painting of Fair Rosamond, Eleanore of Aquitaine, and Empress Matilda. It astounds me that no real artist has not done a decent portrait of the famous women who did a Crane Dance around Henry FitzEmpress, son of King Henry 1 King of Romans. Here is the real ‘Game of Thrones’ that has been reborn, and is invisible to all those white folks who are glued to their T.V. dreaming about the lusty days of old, Ursula and her brother have fourteen children.

What is now just being addressed, is the alleged racism of white women – who are voting for Trump, and not a woman. This may be an instinctual motivation to gather money and goods in ones own genetic pool. Black women are doing the same. If Hillary becomes President, and Rose Ursula, Chancellor of Germany, then, over night two white women will replace our black President as the most powerful person/people – in the world.

Why didn’t black voters put forth another Presidential candidate – a black woman? Instead, we have Don King standing behind Trump while holy black Christians pour prayers and blessings on him – as if he was their King, their……Emperor! Most of humanity – is confused! But, I am sure those born of royal blood are keeping their eye on the ball, which is…..MAKE MORE ROYAL BABIES!

Rose Ursula was the head of the Germany’s Baby Making Mill and Day Care Center. Below is a article on why women are on the rise. I believe it is because they are hardwired to get along with Other Mothe  so as to insure they get corn and acorns in their pinecone baskets while the Extinct Father Hunter, blunderbusts about, shooting at anything that moves, claming he can restore the tribe to greatness, and put meat on the table.

If blubbery Hillary can show that she is a Mean and Lean Gleaner at the debate, she will win! Rose Ursula looks like she could skin a deer – with her teeth!

“Oh! You lost you Man Knife in the Black Forest? Poor deer! Allow me!”

For Christ’s sake, this was a blond-haired California Soccer Mom, who squirted babies out of her tiny body while she went to college. She did her Nazi thing at the swankest shops. She cut in line. She drove her Mercedes around like a Mad Person, making all those appointments, making sure her brood got their wisdom teeth pulled. Of course! Alas! Someone had a bright idea!

“Let us make this California Freulien head of the Military. She will whip those Sloppy Boys into shape, make sure they get up at sunrise, and make their bed!”

“Do you have socks? You boys can’t go marching into Russia without clean socks on!”

Jon Presco

Nazarite ‘King Maker’

The inscription on Matilda’s tomb at Rouen, France, read: “Here lies Henry’s daughter, wife and mother; great by birth, greater by marriage, but greatest in motherhood.”

German prince says his country should copy the UK and reinstate its royal family, which vanished in the chaos after World War One.

Prince Philip Kiril of Prussia, the great-great grandson of the last Kaiser of Germany, believes a return to the monarchy would instil a new pride in Germany.

Kaiser Wilhelm II, who was the last emperor of Germany and nephew of Queen Victoria, was forced to abdicate in 1918.

Now that two of the world’s five biggest economies — Germany and Britain — are headed by women, and the biggest one of all, the U.S., has a woman front-runner in its presidential election, the glass ceiling in politics can probably be declared broken, and it’s time to consider what kind of change this brings to the world.

One in five Germans would like to see the monarchy restored, according to a survey released on Thursday. Young Germans were even keener on replacing the president with a new Kaiser.

With a British jubilee, a Dutch abdication and a Swedish royal birth, European royals have been regularly hitting headlines of late. More than half of the 1,012 Germans asked by polling company YouGov for news agency DPA said they were interested in other countries’ monarchies.

In fact, 19 percent said that they would like to see one of their own be re-instated. Among people aged between 18 and 24 this figure jumped up to more than one in three, while just one in six over-55s were in favour of having a monarchy.

The last German Emperor, Kaiser Wilhelm II, abdicated in 1918 in the wake of World War I. Last year, Prince Philip Kiril of Prussia, the Kaiser’s great-great-grandson, made headlines by suggesting the restoration of the monarchy.

God preserve our Holy Emp’ror,
Sov’reign ever good and great;
Keep, O keep him from all error,
In Prosperity and State!
May his Laurels ever blooming
Be by Faith and Virtue fed;
May his worth the world illumine
And bring back the Sheep misled!
God preserve our Holy Emp’ror,
Sov’reign ever good and great.

All thy bounties, good and gracious,
Pour on him, his house, and realm;
And, in mercy, plots audacious,
With confusion overwhelm.
By thy law may he be guided,
Be thy will done at his word.
In him are our lives confided,
This thy Delegate, O Lord.
God preserve our Holy Emp’ror,
Sov’reign ever good and great.

Neath his glorious banners streaming,
May success and plenty grow;
In his councils, brightly beaming,
O may wisdom, prudence flow.
May his hand strike forth like lightning
For the cause of justice true.
Glorious Emp’ror, our hopes bright’ning!
May all yield to him his due.
God preserve our Holy Emp’ror,
Sov’reign ever good and great.

May he see his Empire flourish,
And his people crowned with joy;
Love fraternal may he nourish,
And all seeds of hate destroy.
Should thy Church e’er be imperiled,
May he save her on that day.
Keep him from death, thy dread herald,
May we never cease to pray:
God preserve our Holy Emp’ror,
Sov’reign ever good and great.

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