The Sword From The Stone


I am having a discussion with a gentleman about being given funds to make a film, or, my movie. Let’s pretend the movie just came out, and everyone I once loved, who grew to hate me, love me once again. Stop trying to destroy my movie!

I had put what happened to me on McLure’s Beach completely out of my mind. It was too much for anyone to handle. I was twenty. I was on my way to India in hope I could find enlightened souls to pal around with, who would have acceptance for my altered state, and share their bowl of rice with me. I was a basked case. It took all my strength to go two blocks down the street to get a pack of cigarettes. Christine told me a member of the Loding Zone said my blue eyes were glowing when he passed me in the dark hallway. Christine intercepted me. We became lovers. We talked last night about coming to the end of our search for Keith, who had brown eyes and Greek features – that I wondered about. Does he descend from Ir?

Thanks to three Seers, and Doctor Martin Schaefer who taught me self-hypnosis, I would not be recalling my death, and rebirth by the sea. I wanted to be a normal human being. It was, and is, very hard to be me.

When I saw the movie ‘Close encounters of the Third Kind’ it began to come back to me, the idea that I had seen God sitting on a rock, with one foot in the ocean and the other on the sand. When Roy began working with his subconscious to manifest his vision, the rock I fell on was almost manifest. Spielberg said this about what inspired him;

The film’s origins can be traced to director Steven Spielberg‘s youth, when he and his father watched a meteor shower in New Jersey.[7] As a teenager,”

Why we are not told what meteor shower this was, is a damn shame! This is why I spend eight hours a day getting all the details down – because it matters! We are building a Star Ship! We are pulling a Sword Ship away from the Gravity of Earth!

In 1990 I went back to MY ROCK and climbed it once more. I ignored the plaque that announced there was “Six known deaths” On Skellig Michael Rey stretched out her arm and offers Luke his light saber back. THE ROCK was name after the arch angel Michael who does battle with the demons that rise from the dark pit of hell. I am taking control of the controls. I own the sword Excalibur.

I was born October 8, 1946 during the Dracanoid star shower. I believe I am a Comet King. Above in a photo of me taken in the Oakland hills when I thirty. I am sixty-seven in the bottom image. Over my right shoulder is my painting of my angel I saw before I died. I did this work in 1975. At the edge of the sea, is Skellig Michael. I have been playing with my mashed potatoes. At the top of The Rock, I found a small rock that I took down with me. Only later did I realize it was a model………….of things to come!

And here they come in three ships the Crane Dancers of the Labyrinth.

Jon ‘The Nazarite Seer’

Copyright 2016

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THE Stem of the Irish Nation, from Ir down to (No. 105) Feargal, a quo O’Farrell, Princes of Annaly.

36. Milesius of Spain.

37. Ir: his son. This Prince was one of the chief leaders of the expedition undertaken for the conquest of Erinn, but was doomed never to set foot on the “Sacred Isle;” a violent storm scattered the fleet as it was coasting round the island in search of a landing place, the vessel commanded by him was separated from the rest of the fleet and driven upon the island since called Scellig-Mhicheal, off the Kerry coast, where it split on a rock and sank with all on board, B.C. 1700.

  1. Heber Donn: his son; born in Spain; was granted by Heber and Heremon the possession of the northern part of Ireland, now called Ulster.

Meanwhile, Roy’s increasingly erratic behavior causes Ronnie to leave him, taking their three children with her. When a despairing Roy inadvertently sees a television news program about the train wreck near Devils Tower, he realizes the mental image of a mountain plaguing him is real. Jillian sees the same broadcast, and she and Roy, as well as others with similar visions and experiences, travel to the site in spite of the public warnings about nerve gas.

The film’s origins can be traced to director Steven Spielberg‘s youth, when he and his father watched a meteor shower in New Jersey.[7] As a teenager, Spielberg completed the full-length science fiction film Firelight. Many scenes from Firelight would be incorporated in Close Encounters on a shot-for-shot basis.[11] In 1970 he wrote a short story called Experiences about a lovers’ lane in a Midwestern United States farming community and the “light show” a group of teenagers see in the night sky.[12] In late 1973, 


Skellig Michael, which is also known as Great Skellig, is the larger of two islands located 7.2 miles west of the Iveragh Peninsula in Co. Kerry. The smaller of the two islands is known as Little Skellig. (The name ‘Skellig’ comes from the word Sceillic, which means a steep rock.)

The first known reference to the islands occurs in legend. Skellig Michael is named as the burial place of Ir, son of Milesius, who drowned during the landing of the Milesians.

Heber and Heremon, the chief leading men remaining of the eight brothers, sons of Milesius aforesaid, divided the kingdom between them (allotting a proportion of land to their brother Amergin, who was their Arch-priest, Druid, or magician; and to their nephew Heber Donn, and to the rest of their chief commanders), and became jointly the first of one hundred and eighty-three Kings or sole Monarchs of the Gaelic, Milesian, or Scottish Race, that ruled and governed Ireland, successively, for two thousand eight hundred and eighty-five years from the first year of their reign), Anno Mundi three thousand five hundred, to their submission to the Crown of England in the person of King Henry the Second; who, being also of the Milesian Race by Maude, his mother, was lineally descended from Fergus Mór MacEarca, first King of Scotland, who was descended from the said Heremon – so that the succession may be truly said to continue in the Milesian Blood from before Christ one thousand six hundred and ninety-nine years down to the present time. 

In the middle of the 6th century BC the rebuilding of the monumental temple began, which consisted along with the Artemision in Ephesos and the Heraion in Samos the biggest and most important Ionic temple of the archaic period. The sculptural decoration of the architectural members of the temple is of particular interest. The lower drums of the columns in the pronaos were decorated with relief figures presenting dancers, while mythological creatures and the apotropaic figure of Gorgo decorated the architrave of the temple.

During the 5th century BC the sanctuary declined, while a new era for the building activity at Didyma began after the expedition of Alexander the Great to the East. After the middle of the 4th century BC the construction of the temple of Apollo began, with the aim of becoming not only one of the most glorious buildings, but also famous all over the ancient world. The architects of the monument were according to the tradition Paionios from Ephesus, who had also worked in the Artemision of Ephesos, and Daphnis of Miletus. The construction of the temple continued until the 2nd century BC. The architectural decoration was completed during the roman imperial period, although many parts remained unfinished. The new Didymaion adopted in broad outlines the design of the older archaic temple.

It was an Ionic dipteral temple raised on a high stepped crepidoma, which included interior spaces of different cult use. There was a monumental staircase in the façade, which led to a deep pronaos with four rows of columns. In the small hall between the pronaos and the cella, there were two Corinthian columns. This area was the adyton and it was designed as a kind of stage, probably to serve as the spot from which the prophetes of Apollo announced his oracular responses. The east wall of the chamber was interrupted by three doors, between which a pair of Corinthian half columns was formed and from there a large staircase led to the cella. At the sides of the adyton, staircases with ceilings decorated with meander patterns, which are referred to as labyrinths, led up to the roof of the temple and were probable used for cultural ceremonies. Under the staircases, there were vaulted passageways-tunnels, creating a mystic environment. These vaulted tunnels facilitated the entrance to the pronaos and the huge cella.

 Ten days ago, I found Keith, he found as much as one can find himself. He claimed he descended from Irish Kings. We have the Red Hand of Ulster in common. We own myths and legends that often are the skeleton on which the flesh of reality, hang.…/royal-rosamond-space-academy/

This is me after I came back home. I worked at Yale trucking. Keith Purvis was the baby of the family. I kept him out of trouble. His father was a foreman in a coal mine in Duncaster like his father. He got his 3 boys out of the mines and came to America. Keith dissapeared 5 years ago. I have been trying to find him. I found an old email, but, it was closed. His parents died long ago. I carry on their concern. They want me to find their boy. This is how the world is supposed to work.

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