Trump Does False Prophet

I posted this prophecy thirteen days ago. “OMG! Is Trump going to go on tour with Ben Carson and the Holy Trumpets? I see dueling Gospel Choirs in our future.”

Rosamond Press

I am calling the shots! I and my newspaper are seeing into the future. This is why I will not tolerate any attacks on my endeavors and copyrights. The world needs my vision. What I wrote yesterday, dovetails with this. My kindred founded the Republican Party – whose core and roots – I defend. Stop attacking me….. Elfriendo!

““The goal for this concert, which has received support through a grant from the Lane Arts Council, is “to bring a better understanding of gospel’s history, and therefore more unity among all races and backgrounds.”

This is a joke. A better understanding of the history of gospel music is not going to bring more unity among the races! Why would it? What “backgrounds” are they talking about? This is utter bullshit – that is funded by our tax dollars! They are intolerant of other folks backgrounds. They have proven that!

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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