The Columbia Street Grail

For your edification, let us pretend I am ‘The Only Guilty One’ and not one penny did any Whoville Reprobate, pinch, and  indeed I lusted after Belle and Frail Evonne, and, severed heads of my yummy victims are found in my freezer, then, Niel Laudati is still going to need my precious information and history, and, will probably send his secretary to my cell – to get it. However, Michael and I concluded two years ago, we will never get any respect, not near as much as Hannibal Lector, and our fellow citizens will contrive more ways to punish us for our efforts, our good deeds.

Rosamond Press

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Today, after Zane Kesey questioned the accuracy of the video I posted on his Facebook, I returned to 1795 Columbia Street in Eugene where his father lived, in order to find the man the Mailman told me about back in March of 2014. To my dismay, the Kesey cottage was torn down and turned into the Wasteland that the renowned Scholar, Elzbieta Oleksy, referred to when she called Cuckoo’s Nest a modern grail legend.

I walked up to the door of this house, saw it was ajar, and gave a shout-out. I did not want to bother the cats, and turned to walk away. Michael Powell came out and greeted me. I turned to behold another Grail Knight at the end of the Quest into the Wasteland. He would soon tell me he can’t get any respect, and to be on this quest, would hurt me. We were in our…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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