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Millions of families escape reality by watching Game of Thrones. I was debating joining them, then I found the other Stark family. Starks married Wienekes. Mary Magdalene Wieneke married Royal Rosamond a surname that stem from Rougemont.

Matthias Stark sailed from Germany in 1848, thus he is a Forty-Eighter. His son, Adreas, married Mary Ann Wienke daughter of Heinrich, my great grandfather.


The fictional world in which the A Song of Ice and Fire novels by George R. R. Martin take place is divided into several continents. Most of the story takes place on the continent Westeros, or the Seven Kingdoms. It actually consists of nine kingdoms (the North, the Iron Islands, the Riverlands, the Vale, the Westerlands, the Stormlands, the Reach, the Crownlands, and Dorne)[S 1][1][2] and a largely unmapped area to the north, separated by a massive wall of ice and old magic. The vast continent of Essos lies to the east of Westeros, across the Narrow Sea. 

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Joseph Stark (b. 1879, d. 1946) married Ida Wieneke. This Joseph Stark is the son of another Joseph Stark (b. about 1846, d. unknown). The latter Joseph Stark is son of Jacob Stark (b. about 1820, d. before 1922).

Jacob Stark had two wives — Margaret Simmers and Theresa Wetzel. Exact spelling of the wive names is inconsistent in my notes that were passed down to me by my grandfather Dr. C.H. Stark of Cedar Rapids (e.g., sometimes Zimmer, or Teresa, etc..).

With Margaret, there appears to be 5 sons, most of whom made it to Cedar Rapids. Those are Nicholas, Ludwig, Gregory, and Leonard. Only Joseph (Sr) appears to have not made the trip to Cedar Rapids, though his son Joseph (Jr) did. Daughter Adelheid Stark (sister to Joseph Jr), did not go to Cedar Rapids, but instead went to Washington D.C. where she married John Henry Donch. Unclear why Adelheid went to D.C.

With Theresa, there appears to be 2 sons, who also made it to Cedar Rapids. Those are Theodore and Robert.

There also appears to be a daughter of Jacob Stark, named Ernestine Mai Stark. Source for that information is from a descendant of Ernestine Mai Stark & husband Matthias Biermann, who came across a reference for one of the Biermann’s on their way to Cedar Rapids to see Uncle Theodore Stark. It is unclear who the mother of Ernestine is.

Take a look at the information on my public tree here on; attached to a number of Starks in my tree are funeral cards that my grandparents had collected and saved over the years. There are also several other pictures of Starks that I was able to uncover, including those of Theodore and Ann (Wieneke) Stark.

Ida Wieneke Stark


Name Theodore Stark
Birthplace Germany
Spouse’s Name Anna M. Wieneke
Spouse’s Birth Date 1865
Spouse’s Birthplace Linn Co., Iowa
Spouse’s Age 21
Event Date 03 Mar 1886
Event Place Clinton Twp.
Father’s Name Jacob Stark
Mother’s Name Theresa Wetzel
Spouse’s Father’s Name John Wieneke
Spouse’s Mother’s Name Elizabeth Brecht

Stark Family Tree edited stark_family_tree__season_5__by_setsunapluto-d9n4r8z stark15


There’s a family story that says three of John Wieneke daughters married Starks and three entered the convent– from the ridiculuous to the sublime! I have a document saying that there were two Stark families near Cedar Rapids, Iowa, related only through the Wieneke’s. Heinrich and Anna Catharina (sp) Kleinschlau Wieneke’s son John (Johan, in our family lore, 12-9-1834) had a sister, Anna Maria (7-23-1832), who married Andrew Stark. 

John Wieneke and his wife, Elizabeth Brecht (11-19-1840) married 10-11-1859 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa according to a 1915 obituary of John in the Cedar Rapids newspaper. They had a daughter, Anna (1863) who married Theodore Stark (1860), an immigrant from Germany. Theodore was my paternal great-grandfather. His son, Robert John Stark (8-11-1892) married Anastasia Brigid Shekleton of Linn County. Their oldest son, Vincent Shekleton Stark (6-18-1916 to 7-17-2003) was my father.

One of John’s daughters married a Joseph Stark of Cedar Rapids; another married Albert Stark who had a farm near Cedar Rapids. Neither are related to my Stark family, except through the Wieneke’s. Of the three daughters who entered the convent, I have only their religious names, Sister M. Dominica, Dubuque; Sister M. Calista, Dyersville and Sister M. Petronella. Don’t know where her convent was.

The birth date in my family records for Anna Catharina Kleinschlau is Oct. 3, 1806. My Dad also told stories of going to the Kleinschlau-Brecht family reunions. Hope this helps with your search.

Bells donation in 1924

May 1924

Rasdorf, Fulda, Hessen, Germany

The bells donation of 1924. (Picture: Arrival of the bells in May 1924 Left Front minister Biermann) The brothers Theodore and Robert Stark have rendered outstanding services in their birth through their donations from America for religious institutions. In May 1924, the three bells were consecrated, which were donated by Theodor Stark, emigrated to America, as a replacement for confiscated during World War bells. Even before the inflation 1923 Theodor Stark had donated the purchase price, which was worthless because of sluggish business transactions by inflation. So had the generous donors, owner of a construction company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to donate the same substantial money again, so that the bells that were cast in the bell foundry in Otto Hemme Lingen in Bremen, were delivered. With the bell consecration of the donor family Stark was given the sponsorship. Not yet 20 years the Rasdorfer who can enjoy the ringing of bells, because, as their predecessors have become these victims of war.

brothwolf brothwolf22

No group of men and women have done more to support or define the White Culture in the world, then the Pre-Raphaelite Brother and Sisterhood – along with J.R. Tolkien, whose Hobbits will again grace our silver screens. Tolkien was inspired by William Morris’s ‘The House of Wolfing’ a Pre-Raphaelite masterpiece that went hand in hand with Swineburn’s poems about Fair Rosamond, and Rosamund Queen of the Lombards.

Abve is the Rosemont cote of arms depicting a dancing wolf. The Companions of Rougemont employ the wolf in their cote of arms. The Rosamond family may have its roots in Rougemont, a town that employs a castle atop a red mountain in its civic cote of arms. We see this castle Rougemont on the shields of the knights above.
I am a Nazarite. I am of the House of the Red Wolf. I was dead in the wilderness, but, I am replanted. My cry is heard once again. The war with the Confederate Roman Empire – begins!

“Now, now, ye War-sons!
Now the Wolf waketh!
Lo how the Wood-beast
Wendeth in onset.
E’en as his feet fare
Fall on and follow!”

“Repent! Make straight paths for the Lord!”

Jon Rosamond the Nazarite

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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