Christmas With Eutrophia

Matthias Stark sailed from Germany in 1848, thus he is a Forty-Eighter. His son, Adreas, married Mary Ann Wienke daughter of Heinrich.

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I found photographs of my grandmother’s sister, Eutrophia Wieneke, and I noticed my daughter and her look alike. Eutrophia and her cousin, Phillipine, modled, the later when she was fifteen for an artist. Above is a photo of three sisters who became Sisters in the Order of Saint Francis, and their brother, Father John. Eutrophia lived in the Ojai Valley, and her sister, Mary Magdalene Rosamond, in Ventura.

Jon Presco


wieneke444wienekej18wienekej20Wieneke445wienekej6eric30Rosamonds 1912 Mary nee Wieneke 1Rosamonds 1942 Lilian, Bonnie, June & Rosemary on Step 1Rosamonds 1943 Bonniewienekej85wienekej91

Heinrich WIENEKE
1798 – 7 Mar 1890
BIRTH: 1798, Deu
DEATH: 7 Mar 1890, Iowa, USA
Family 1 : Anna Katharina KLEINSCHALAU
+Johann Conrad WIENEKE
+Anna Maria WIENEKE
+Johann (John) WIENEKE
Heinrich WIENEKE
+Margaretta WIENEKE
+Heinrich (Henry) WIENEKE
+Elizabeth (Lizzie) WIENEKE
+Christoph Johann WIENEKE
+Anna Mary Catharine WIENEKE

Johann Conrad WIENEKE
14 Jul 1827 – 2 Nov 1905
BIRTH: 14 Jul 1827, Deu
DEATH: 2 Nov 1905
Father: Heinrich WIENEKE Mother: Anna Katharina KLEINSCHALAU Family
1 : Mary HEIL

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