Andromeda and the Great Art Lesson

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andromena5From the moment she emerge from the darkened door at the edge of the sea, Rena Victoria gave me one great Art Lesson after another. I could barely keep up as she dipped into the Master Creator’s palette. When she told me she was afraid of the sea, I wondered if she was the embodiment of Andromeda. Poseidon punishes this most beautiful of maidens by chaining her to a rock by the sea. Surely if I were her reincarnation, I would avoid the ocean – at all costs!

Christine was terrified she would meet her death via a MONSTROUS wave! I died after falling on rocks by the sea. And here come Rena from Nebraska. She gets near the Pacific Ocean, and is in great peril. Her boyfriend is beat-up by Hercules’ followers. Oh, and she gets kidnapped.

Art lesson! Art lesson! Art lesson!

One can say Poseidon had it…

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