Rosemary Rita Rosamond

Rosemary 1940 Rosemary 1943 Portrait

I just discovered my mother’s full name was Rosemary Rita Rosamond. Rita means “pearl”. I suspect her father wanted this three R name, because he was going by Roy Reuben Rosamond, and Royal Reuben Rosamond. He was in search of the perfect pen name. It has a Mexican ring to it that fits with my mother being born in Ventura.

I was not told Rosemary was dying because I questioned how Christine died. I missed her by ten hours. I did not get to say goodbye. My cruel family claims they are incapable of murder. Going out of your way to wipe you clean of your family, is just like murder. I suspect they did this to Christine – before she drowned!

Here is her grave. This is the first time I have seen it. They got her death wrong. My mother died on January 29, 1997

The Art World isn’t supposed to be like this. Rosemary gave birth to baby girl, who became a world famous artist. She also gave birth to my brother, who refused to pay his taxes, because he hates poor parasites. Rich parasites are his kind of people. Mark is a multi-millionaire – who could have paid for a Lie Detector Test – wire Vicki and her son up, then, send me the results. This way I would not have found out my father was dead, three years after the fact, and, would have been at my mother’s side when she died. Mark would get to know THE TRUTH – for sure!

Jon Presco

rosemary-1939ho rosemary-grave

Rosemary Rita Rosamond
[Rosemary R Presco] 
[Rosemary Titus] 
[Rosemary Miles] 
SSN: 545147729
Gender: Female
Race: White
Birth Date: 26 Sep 1921
Birth Place: Ventura, California
Death Date: 29 Jan 1997
Father: Frank W Rosamond
Mother: Mary M Wieneke
Type of Claim: Original SSN.
Notes: Dec 1937: Name listed as ROSEMARY RITA ROSAMOND; Aug 1950: Name listed as ROSEMARY R PRESCO; Sep 1969: Name listed as ROSEMARY R TITUS; Apr 1973: Name listed as ROSEMARY R MILES; 29 Jun 1983: Name listed as ROSEMARY MILES

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