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In 1988 I lived with a famous Marimba band on 2nd. Street in Eugene Oregon. My new roommate warned me (before I handed her my share of the rent) they are prone to practice until two in the morning.

“No problem! I am a sound sleeper.”

I like to rise at dawn, and write. There is banging on my door. It’s Kay (I forget her name)

“What are you doing?”

“I’m typing!” Tick! Tick – tick-tick….tickticktick!

“I can’t live with that! You woke me up. I can’t go back to sleep. You are going to have to move!”

I told Kay I didn’t want to move.

“Why don’t you put earplugs in?”

“I don’t want to wear earplugs. If you don’t move, I will get members of my band – to move you!”

“Are you threatening me – with musicians?”

“Yes! Get out!”

“Give me my rent back!”

“You’re not getting it back. I used it to pay my rent.”

I had a year of sobriety and was avoiding trouble. I think Ong was going to be one of my movers. He knows martial arts and sees himself as a Hip Silverback Gorilla. He may have Prussian blood. Ong is real high in a field of grass bidding us to – dance! How symbolic. Who writes his material?

I would love to make a wild video of Ong and his band – in that field of grass! All videos of Marimba bands, are boring as shit! Ong is not a Nordic Berzerk – for sure! I would not go Viking with him. Ong has managed to intimidate Hippie Primates, and has secured his piece of cardboard to squat down on in the primate compound. All the little monkeys give him a wide birth so he can smoke his peace pipe in peace! This is what he deserves!

WRONG! It is a sin to bore real hippies! Knock it off!

There is a great fuss over the boy who fell in the gorilla pit. I was born in the gorilla pit. I was afraid of my father, but, the trick is not to shit your pants and show it. To be bullied by the Marimba band COMMUNITY, was startling. Ong may not have been in on it, but, he is atypical of the passive-aggressive hippie. My landlady was real proud that she owned power. She was aiming her gorillas at me that she says would come and – drag me out!

Well, I’ve been dragged around before!

As a Sikh in the 1970s, he took the name Ong Kar (“in tune with creation”), taught yoga, practiced martial arts and helped start ashrams in Salem and Coos Bay. “In 79 I took the turban off,” says Walen, who left the ashram life, got into reggae music and big parties, and onto the security crew at the Oregon Country Fair.

King Ong is a Hip Primate Behaviorist and should be recorded for prosperity on how he did it, how he controlled, how he policed,  out of control hippies – having fun!

If Ong was working security at the Cincinnati Zoo, that little-shit gate-crasher, would not have gotten past the wire!


What we got here, is a failure to communicate.

“Put the boy down, Harambe, or you will be tazed!”

“O.K. Don’t taze me bro!”

Needless to say, I have been suspicious of all folks who play in a Marimba band for over thirty-five years! I wouldn’t turn my back on any of them. This Silverback Gorilla learned his lesson. I moved out the next day. You can give my share of the rent to the homeless. It might bring your Good Karma back – after all these years!

We hippies thought we had come up with the universal Peace Sign, but, in a moment of selfishness, a Marimba band in Eugene – threw it out the window – and chose anarchy. This is why no writer should be censored. Like a million monkeys on typewriters, a new Peace Sign might be invented one early morning.

“Tick! Tickity-tick-tick!”

Jon Presco

At a news conference in Trump Tower on Tuesday morning, the presumptive Republican nominee Donald J. Trump shared his thoughts about the political press and Harambe, the gorilla that Cincinnati Zoo officials shot and killed after a small child wandered into his enclosure.

Mr. Trump had nicer things to say about the gorilla.

In a heated, 40-minute appearance in the lobby of Trump Tower in Manhattan, Mr. Trump dismissed a CNN reporter as “a real beauty” and an ABC reporter as “a sleaze,” and said that if he was elected president, the American public could expect a similar dynamic in the White House briefing room.

Yes, it is,” he said. “It is going to be like this.”

Here I am being very animated! You still got to shake your money-maker after your hair has turned silver!

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