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Mark Presco was Vic Presco’s son – for sure? We know Vickie Presco is Vic’s daughter – for sure – because he treated her like she was his only child – which Vickie just loved.  Christine was – iffy! It depended on how loyal this famous artist was to King Victor. Becoming partners with Vic&Vic should have put two of my siblings firmly in Camp Victor, but, then he married, Constanza R. Rendon, a Mexican woman with seven kids that Captain Vic smuggled across the border in a marijuana shipment. They got married in Reno – knowing my alleged father had months to live. When he died, Captain Vic left his third wife his portion of the Rosamond family partnership prints valued at over a million dollars. Vic wanted to prove – he is a good father – after all! When I discovered he got Mark and I out of his mother’s Will so he could form this partnership with OUR sisters – I was done! Mark was done with his father back in 1963. He got it right!


Here is Oscar Robert Presco, a successful businessman and Freemason, and his brother, Victor Hugo – the failure! I doubt they lay eyes on each other for last thirty years of their lives. They are of real Bohemian blood. Immigrants were driven to make it in America. Here’s to all the foreigners – who didn’t!


Prescos 1949 Mark & Greg

When I would take the train down to Oakland I would put on the soundtrack of ‘Once Upon a Time in America as we left Eugene station. It went well with all the stuff that gets stuffed next to the railroad tracks. This is the stuff dreams are made of. Many of these dreams were shared by brothers. They used this stuff up, and put it away, like adult toys. They made money. They lost money. Their wives got the lion share, and made sure their children had enough. All this old stuff that fills ten thousand European books, came to America. Many brothers changed their names in order to appear they got the right stuff. Then, there are those old neglected graveyards, where sprout stone toys erected to false gods, because in America, we worship success. There is no second place, no substitute. If you are dead in America, you are considered a Real Loser!

Sometimes on these long trips I would conclude that not once am I feeling joy at seeing my brother again at the end of my journey. We avoided each other. I consider this the one great failure of my life. I don’t know about him. We are living monuments to Failure! He is victorious over us. It was the last thing Vic wanted to see, or, hear about – we embracing each other! Vic never hugged his sons.

I first called my father my ‘Dark Brother’ in 1988 because he competed with my brother and I for a family identity – as a rival sibling! We had no father! Then, Mark began to call me a “failure” when I was fourteen. He was doing his father, playing his tape. I lost my brother. Like Vic, Mark became insane. But, I took the rap for both of them, because, it was scary being the only male member of Rosemary’s family. Mark and Vic were stuck in Melba’s and Victor Hugo’s home, seen above. Melba was crazy, too!  Now, we got Donald Trump – who is obsessed with success!

“Let’s make America great again!”

At eleven I understood that because Vic had an unhappy childhood, his sons must have an unhappy childhood. This did not apply to our sisters. Working out your deep rooted depression and psychosis on children in order to stop hating your life – is still perfectly allowed! Vic’s ‘Let’s Make The Presco Family Great Again Program’ began when he was nine. Everyone who got in his way – were sucked in to the Vortex of the Dark Brother of Lost Happiness. Our childhood landscape was full of his broken toys.

No sooner was Vic out the door, then it was the ‘Let’s Make Mark Presco Great Again Welfare Depression Program’ that Melba was already working on. She would invite just Mark-Boy to come stay in Roseville with her and Grandpa Joe, and, when he came home, he had a cedar chest – full of HIS toys! Somehow this made Melba’s only child – well! Playing favorites was part of the ‘End Vic’s Depression in Our Lifetime Plan’ that robbed us of our childhood. Vic was a Major Parasite. So was Mark. It was throwing good money after bad. We Presco’s practiced Bad Voo-doo.

Yesterday I discovered Vic lived with both his parents in a nice home in Oakland – when he was nine years old! This, fucker, whined to my sisters and I how he had no father, no father figure. Captain Victim lied! He just didn’t like his father because he was not a good breadwinner. Victor Hugo Presco – was a failure! To get back at Victor, Victor pushed his sons away – and made us his Hired Hands in Acme Produce, the second step to Total Success, after he got fired by Granny Goose – for embezzling stale potato chips he was supposed to throw in the dump! He rubbed out the expiration date, and resold them.

Victor was a Potato Chip Bandito. He was realizing a %100 profit. Being an only child, my father did not have a brother. so, this was what he was used to – having it all for himself! He cut his boss out of the deal! You got to laugh! I can see him shaking his head as Big Victim stormed out of his office. He lost his bond. He was unbondable! He was the talk of the town. He was the guy who goosed Granny Goose!

Victor would have the laugh when he started making private loans out of his home. He invented his own Default scam that the mob back east wanted in on. In was the stale potato chip deal warmed over.  If you postponed the due date on bad loans, then, bundled them up and sold them as good loans. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. The Big Failure stuff was still to come.

For sure, our father was a psychopath! Long after the divorce Big Victim was obsessed about Mark and I taking our mother’s side. Rosemary went to work in order to feed us. Vic had gone on strike, and his four children were sent to live with relatives for a couple of months. Note how these houses look-alike.  Vic was always trying to recreate his sad childhood, make a stage where he can alter the outcome. Not having any sibling rivalry growing up, Vic made Mark and I fellow employees. We were bid to compete for kudos and raises, that never came. When I asked Vic why he married Rosemary, rather than his high school sweetheart, Joan, he told me it was a tough decision.

“Rosemary had great secretary skills. It was my dream to be a millionaire! So, I chose your mother! What a bad mistake she turned out to be. Joan was the salt of the earth, a very simple and loving person. It was easy to be around her, not like your mother, who was a nervous type – like you! I should have married for love, because, under this gruff exterior, lies a very loving person. Joan! Joan! Joan! She didn’t have a very high I.Q. I needed more of a challenge! I think I broker her heart.”

Victor’s Choice, was not Rosemary’s  lucky day. Not only did she marry the wrong man, she married one of the worst men in the world. What a Loser Rosemary was! Two years after the divorce, she is making porn movies for the mob boss, Big Bone’s Remmer, in order to feed and house us. Jack Ruby worked for Mr. Bones. Our mother did know who shot Jack Kennedy, for sure, if it’s any consolation prize.

My brother got it right in his webpage. He, Christine, and myself had done well. He honors my webpage ‘Royal Rosamond Press’. But for the questions I asked about how Christine died, everything would be coming up roses. I know this for sure…..If I was with Christine at Rocky Point, our beloved sister would still be alive! No way could I have been her teacher, the guy responsible for her success. My family captured her, kept her near them, so alas they could be rid of Victor Hugo’s wretched influence on his son. If everyone succeeds, but me, then alas they can relax, and not be so nervous.

I doubt Vicki, Vic’s Trustee, delivered those prints to Constanza, thus, Victor’s Happy Ending, where his step children are gleefully celebrating El Capitan Victor Day with a Mariach band, is not happening. They, like the rest, got stiffed! All but Vicki – of course! Vicki is Heir to Vic’s bi-polar ways.

On this day, I salute my brother for the few good years we had, when we took care of one another, and our sisters……..with love.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2016




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