King Jesus

I am severing all contact with Casey Farrell. He is not my agent or promoter. I just looked at his twitter, and it is full of racist, homophobic, rants. He has not contributed to my autobiography ‘Capturing Beauty’.

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When Casey Farrell learned I had done an extensive study of Herod the Great genealogy in 1995, he was blown away, because Robert Graves has his Jesus descend from the Herodians who interacted with Emperor Claudius. When he learned my sister was the famous artist ‘Rosamond’ and that I and my grandfather were poets, he saw Grave’s study was alive an well. Casey called me almost every day for years, and picked my brain.

The connection between Graves, my Biblical study, and my muse, is profound. Thanks to Graves I discovered why Salome danced for the head of John the Baptist, and why King David danced before the Ark.

Jon Presco

When Robert Graves’ controversial novel ‘King Jesus’ came out in 1946, the reaction was predictable. ” … a work of fundamental perversity”, wrote Time Magazine [Sept. 30, 1946], in a scathing review under the fatal title of…

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