Janke Park, Hall, And Stagecoach Line

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belmontbot3belmontbot4belmontbot5belmontbot6belmontbot7belmontbot8Very few families can say their kindred owned a Stagecoach Line, Theme Park, and a Turnverein Hall, or two. Carl Janke was half owner of the Belmont Accommodation Company that ran between Belmont ‘Beautiful Mountain’, and Halfmoon Bay. Mrs. Walter E. Janke was the President of the Cap and Bells Club that employed the cap of the Jester in its emblem. Consider the Merry Pranksters. Musicals, plays, and  “Jinks” were performed. Consider the Hi-jinks of the all male Bohemian Club. Is this a feminists answer?  It appears the Cap and Bells founded an art gallery. Was this the formation of the Outdoor Art League?


An event In the life of the Cap and Bells club took place yesterday afternoon with the opening of the permanent art gallery for women at the clubrooms 1509 Gough street. About 70 canvases are hung in the gallery at…

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