Nazarite Queen

Joaquin Miller built a monument to Moses and John Fremont who was the first presidential candidate of the Abolitionist Republican Party that is all but dead. Fremont authored the first emancipation of slaves. When Trump loses, I am going to take the train to Oakland and burn my Republican voter registration on Joaquin’s pyre. I will plant golden poppies around Fremont’s monument. I will bring a boombox and do a victory dance dressed like Miller. I will video tape this great moment in history.

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Helena, Queen of Adiabene, took the Nazarite Vow, was a Nazarite for fourteen years. When her remains were found and taken to France, devout Jews objected and asked Moses Montefiore to intervene. The sarcophagus of this devout Nazarite was in the Louvre for many years, and was returned to Israel for a show.

Joaquin Miller made a pyramid to Moses Montefiore on his property overlooking Oakland and San Francisco Bay. In his book ‘Building City Beautiful’ he honors Moses’ attempt to build tows near Jerusalem for a Return of the Jews to Zion.

Helena’s son were also converts to Judaism and started the war with Rome in 68 B.C. The Parthians that had ruled, may have taken the side of the Jews in this battle. Helena’s tomb had three pyramids over it, and a stone that rolled away with hydraulics.

“These were my thoughts upon visiting the park located off…

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