Prince Jackson Rosamond Wood

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Why didn’t Prince have a Will? Surely his attorneys would make him author a Will – for many reasons! Long term contracts were being made. Prince went on tour – in his own jet.

I believe my sister had two Wills. Her divorce attorney filed a claim in the Bankruptcy, and gave Vicki permission to go into Christine’s safe deposit box – to look for a Will. Did she find a more elaborate Will, and do a switch? Did Christine write her family and ex-friends out of her Will – after she got sober? People tell family secrets when they got sober. Prince almost died a week before he did. Surely someone close to him suggested a Will.

Did Prince have friends – a best friend – someone he could trust, someone he could have named his Executor? Apparently not.

Christine was seeing several therapists when she died. Her Tarot Card reader lay down the Death card three weeks earlier. Garth was harassing my sister during the terrible divorce. She took out a restraining order. Sandra Faulkner said this

Though death came early to Christine, it was not hastened by her as many around her feared it might be.”

The Special Executor said Christine lived off family and friends for years. So did Garth. Surely they considered how Christine taking her own life would benefit them. Did Prince make promises to his siblings, and, after he almost killed himself with pillls, did they insist he write a Will? If he agreed, he was in trouble. Murder is being suggested. Prince’s death is being compared to the death of Michael Jackson, who was close with my kin, Elizabeth Rosamond Taylor. 

After questions were asked, Natalie Wood’s coroner changed his ruling. There was a fight. I wonder if paying their taxes was involved. These Stars had their own income that was added to the marriage assets. Do Stars like to pay their taxes? They do not do well in jail.

Prince wanted to be seen as “An Artist”. He employs a image of Liz to this end. He is not Warhol. Did he own any fine art? Did he bank offshore? His “Love” symbol has the element of Pynchon’s “Trystero”. These ARTISTS had to learn from their mistakes. Did Liz hold court on how to protect yourself, and – make out a Will?

Prince was angry because Warner’s was not doing more to depict him as a Artist. For $3,000 a month, I will blog like crazy on any artist. I will produce! Before I handle your Artistry, you must have a Will. Christine Rosamond gave me full credit for her success.

Prince’s ‘Love’ symbol goes with rumors he was going to do a ‘Love’ album. Did he purchase the rights from Arthur Lee’s heirs? Did he leave a Will? Bryan played at my wedding to Thomas Pynchon’s ex-wife. Bryan learned to swim in Liz’s pool, and did not make a dinner engagement the night his friend Sharon Tate was killed. I suspect there were warnings that were not taken seriously. Pynchon had an obsession with Manson. Does Charlie have a Will?

Before my daughter and her mother disappeared from my life in order to be in the rival biography – that sucked – they wanted a blood test, and, handwritten letters to Heather informing her of my history so she could give it to my rival. A Judge ordered a paternity test to be made from Prince’s blood. The Bloodsuckers are on the march! Will the ‘Love Child’ eventually produce a Love album? Christine and Bryan were lovers.

They say it’s about ‘Love’, but, when the smoke clears, it’s all about ‘Money’.

Jon Presco

‘Royal Vampire Slayer’

“Have stake. Will travel!”

Prince‘s death has been made all the more poignant by a report that the pop genius had sought to meet with a drug-addiction specialist a day before he died, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Minnesota lawyer William Mauzy says Prince’s peeps reached out to his client, California doc Howard Kornfeld, on April 20. Kornfeld could not travel to Minnesota that day, so Mauzy arranged for the singer to meet with a local doctor the next morning – the day Prince was found dead.

Authorities have yet to release a cause of death, but there are indications drugs may have been involved. The New York Times says police are investigating that possibility.


Carver County, Minn., District Judge Kevin Eide signed the order authorizing the temporary special administrator of the estate, Bremer Trust, to obtain the blood sample from the MidwestMedical Examiner, which conducted the autopsy on Prince’s body, and have it genetically analyzed “for any purpose relevant to the administration of the Estate.”

The judge’s order recognized that “parentage issues” could arise and that “timing can be a concern when conducting genetic testing.”


Natalie Wood Autopsy Report Revised; Actress Bruised Before Death

Robert Wagner Opens Up About Wife Natalie Wood’s Death 35 Years Later

Robert Wagner, in Talk About Career, Says He Loved Natalie Wood ‘Very Much’

The official cause of death was determined at that time to be accidental drowning, but the lack of concrete information about the circumstances fueled speculation. The case remains one of Hollywood’s longest-running mysteries.

In 2013, the Los Angeles coroner’s office amended Wood’s cause of death to “drowning and other undetermined factors” after a new investigation determined the actress had bruises on her body that “appeared fresh and could have occurred before she entered the water.”

The cause of death was also changed from “accident” to “undetermined.” Authorities have said Wagner is not considered a suspect in the case.


PEOPLE ARE talking about Prince’s new CD, now in its planning stages. Prince is a great fan of the 1960’s group Love. This band — headed by Arthur Lee and Bryan MacLean — was the first racially mixed rock band. They mixed a lot of styles — classical, flamenco guitar, blues and hard-driving rock. Some feel Love was the forerunner of the much more successful The Doors. There were dramatic problems within the band, and the original group broke up in 1968. Their three albums are cherished by music aficionados.

Now, Prince wants to cover all of Love’s great songs in a tribute album. Well, it would a profitable, smart way to introduce it all to a new generation that seems completely in the dark about the pleasures of Love.

bryan44 bryanmac3

Detectives are looking into whether Prince was over-prescribed pharmaceutical drugs as a way of causing his death. They have put a crack team of investigators in place and are refusing to rule out a criminal homicide charge.

He was definitely killed, we just have to find out who did it,’ said a police insider.

His heirs decided to cremate him the day after his death. What are they hiding?

His final Instagram post, published a week before his death, contained the message “Just When You Thought You Were Safe“. Was this message a reference to the record industry hell hounds on his tail, an enemy he had spent his life fighting? To make matters even more suspicious, the caption on this Instagram post was mysteriously deleted after his death.

The parallels with Michael Jackson’s death are astonishing. Who will wrest control of Prince’s enormous back catalogue now he is dead? Will Warner Brothers buy the rights to his music from his heirs in a cut price deal, the same way Sony got their hands on Michael Jackson’s catalogue after his death?

And who gets control over the thousands of unreleased songs in his vault? It has been suggested by music industry sources that his songs could be used for the next hundred years by manufactured, replaceable, corporate-enslaved pop stars.

In 1993, in rebellion against Warner Bros., which refused to release Prince’s enormous backlog of music at a steady pace,[91][92] he changed his name to , which was explained as a combination of the symbols for male (♂) and female (♀).[87] In order to use the symbol in print media, Warner Bros. had to organize a mass mailing of floppy disks with a custom font.[93] The symbol was soon dubbed “The Love Symbol”, and until 2000, Prince was referred to as “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince” or simply “The Artist”.[9

Prominent among these references is the Trystero symbol, a muted post horn with one loop. Originally derived, supposedly, from the Thurn and Taxis coat of arms, Oedipa first finds this symbol in a bar bathroom, where it decorates a graffito advertising a group of polyamorists. It later appears among an engineer’s doodles, as part of a children’s sidewalk jump rope game, amidstChinese ideograms in a shop window and in many other places. The post horn (in either original or Trystero versions) appears on the cover art of many TCL49 editions and in artwork created by the novel’s fans.

Prince‘s sister Tyka has filed legal docs to open a probate case … and she says as far as she can tell he left no will.

TMZ has obtained probate documents filed in Minnesota, in which Tyka asks the judge to appoint a “special administrator.” Under Minnesota law, a special administrator is someone who is appointed when there is no executor named in a will.  

Tyka says in her docs, “I do not know of the existence of a will and have no reason to believe that the decedent executed testamentary documents in any form.” 

If Prince did indeed die without a will, the estate is divided equally among his siblings.  

Tyka lists the people who are potential beneficiaries … all of whom are half brothers and sisters. They are John, Norrine, Sharon, Alfred and Omarr. They are all living siblings of Prince. She also says she’s an heir entitled to her cut.  

It’s interesting … Tyka names Lorna as a deceased half sister who left no kids. Under Minnesota law Lorna’s out of the game when it comes to getting assets. But Tyka never even mentions Duane, reportedly Prince’s half brother, who is also deceased.

There’s also a line in the docs in which Tyka says, “The decedent has heirs whose identities and addresses need to be determined.”

Tyka then names Bremer Trust, National Association, which she wants to serve as the official administrator of Prince’s estate. Tyka says she wants Bremer Bank because they have provided financial services to Prince for years, and they are well versed in his affairs and best suited to protect his assets.

Read more:

Sources said many people seek out-patient therapy to make sure they do not become addicted to prescribed painkillers and other types of medication and others will seek help when they think they might have symptoms indicating they are starting to become dependent on the drugs and are seeking counseling to help them slowly move away from the medications.

Law enforcement sources said only the Medical Examiner would be able to determine if Prince’s autopsy showed any signs of a person who had been habitually abusing any form of prescribed medications. 

Meanwhile, 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS has also been told Bremer Bank, recently appointed trustee of Prince’s estate, hired a St. Paul company to drill through Prince’s personal vault at Paisley Park Tuesday. Sources said the bank had to move quickly to get inside the vault because, as court-appointed trustee, Bremer is legally responsible for safeguarding and handling all of Prince’s assets. 

The vault is known to store Prince’s invaluable recordings, of which, dozens have not been released. Prince was the only person who knew the combination, which is the reason Bremer Bank had to hire someone to drill through the lock to retrieve and take inventory of its contents.

At first, when I heard Prince didn’t have a will, I was sad.

After all, the iconic singer, whose full name was Prince Rogers Nelson, was ferociously protective of his music and his image. He once wrote “slave” on his face to protest a music deal that left him without ownership of his work. During the dispute, you’ll recall, we had to refer to him as “the Artist Formerly Known as Prince.” I came to respect the symbol that he used as his name for a while because he was fighting for his legacy.

Prince patrolled the Internet for unauthorized use of his music and some reports said he rejected offers to use his songs to sell products. He was all about control.

And now, following his death at age 57, the control he fought so hard for may be gone.

According to court documents filed by his sister, Prince left no instructions on how to handle his assets, including his published music and enough unpublished work that reportedly an album a year could be released for decades.

I’m having trouble connecting the dots of why Prince wouldn’t have had a will. He was so private that we’re only hearing hearsay about how this could have happened. But to borrow from one of his most famous songs, “When Doves Cry,” how could he just leave his family and fans standing? “Alone in a world that’s so cold” — so commercialized.

Court-appointed representatives might not share his visions for use of his music. And how could they, if Prince didn’t leave any directives?

Will his song “Let’s Go Crazy” ironically define the insipid commercialization of his music? “Kiss” used to sell chocolate? Or “U Got The Look” for a clothing company?

Arthur Taylor Lee was “the undisputed prince of the Sunset Strip in the 1960s,” according to his biographer John Einarson. He was a dashing mulatto alpha dog who sported fringed buckskin jackets, silk scarves, triangular sunglasses, and cowboy boots—and he did it before anyone had heard of Jim Morrison or Jimi Hendrix. His band, Love, was a local idol after it played residencies at clubs like Bido Lito’s, the Hullabaloo, and the Whisky A Go Go. The band received fans, groupies, and druggies aplenty in the Castle, a communal mansion on Commonwealth Road in Los Feliz that had once belonged to Bela Lugosi. But underneath the groovy threads and flower-power name lay darker paradoxes.

“Arthur was more of a punk than a hippie,” recalled David Anderle, an A&R scout for the band’s label Elektra Records, in the book Waiting for the Sun. “There was almost a gangster thing going on there, rule by intimidation.” As for his biracial band, its name, in the words of one ex-member, “should have been called Hate.” Future Manson murderer Bobby Beausoleil was one of its early guitarists. Love’s first two albums carried the dark, aggressive edge of proto-punk; Rolling Stone called it “like strange, sloppy Byrds.” Love thought nothing of following a gritty garage-rock standard like “Hey Joe” with a cover of Burt Bacharach’s “My Little Red Book.” “They were pretty ‘out there,’,” recalled Neil Young to writer Jimmy McDonough. “They were just bad enough and fucked up enough to make fun of—but they were so good, too.”

Love’s internal strife, mainly a battle of wills between Lee and his two guitarists, golden-blonde surfer-boi Bryan MacLean and Johnny Mathis lookalike Johnny Echols, were already the stuff of legend. Such tensions haunted the sessions for their next album, recorded from June to September of 1967.

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