Did Christine Rosamond Kill Herself?

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Sandra Faulkner wrote a biography about my late sister that has been disappeared, along with the autobiography written by Christine. On the Rosamond Publishing website that first appear in April of 1997, fans of Rosamond read this;

Though death came early to Christine, it was not hastened by her as many around her feared it might be.”

This appears to be lifted from an article written in the Carmel Pine Cone by Sue Barton. Who are the “many around her”? Are they related to me? Did they give testimony to Sandra about Rosamond’s desire to take her life? Sandra says Christine contacted her and arranged a meeting. If she wrote her biography, she took notes. When I pointed out to the executor these notes, and the proceeds of Sandra’s untitled book, belong to the Heirs, my two nieces, Sandra was out of there – along with her biography! Did Sandra tell a big fat whopping lie, and, she never met with my sister? How cruel!

This advertisement then goes on to explain away the fact that Christine lived twenty miles from Rocky Point for twenty years, and had seen on the news the scores of people that have been swept into the sea – and drowned by “rogue waves”. Most of the people were tourists, many of them seeing the Pacific Ocean for – the first time!

“Pierrot says 20 people a year are killed by these rogue waves. Christine lived here. She was used to the ocean, knew its capacity for destruction, and was killed in a moment of carelessness.”

Surely my sister would want to defend herself from this accusation, because she had her eight year old daughter by her side – who also was swept into the water.

Why would Christine want to kill herself? The webpage throws in depression and alcoholism. I am a Alcoholic with twenty-eight years of sobriety. Sure I thought about suicide. Many of my brothers and sisters in AA contemplated “hastening” their demise. Did “many around her” show any concern about me before, and after Christine was dead? Did they hold a meeting on how to save the surviving artist in the family, and get his Sober Miracle into a book that would staunch the flow, turn around the waning desire in folks to purchase a Beautiful Rosamond Woman?

“The story is laced with irony. Rosamond was killed on her first sober “birthday” in alcoholics anonymous.

Sandra Faulkner has written a biography of Rosamond.

Rosamond chose Faulkner to be her biographer. “She saw my face on the jacket of the Navratilova book and asked me to meet with her.” the author says.

Why is Christine reading a Lesbian novel? Would she ever want to plug this book?

My story ‘Capturing Beauty’ is about the lies, the deceit, and the covert activity that was practiced on me within hours of my sister’s death. A meeting was held at Christine’s house the very day she was “killed” by a rogue wave. Attorneys were consulted. Vicki Presco got the permission of our sister’s divorce attorney who appeared on the Creditor’s list in the Bankruptcy, to go into Christine safe deposit box and retrieve her Will. That not one of the attorneys produced a comprehensive Estate Plan for a world famous artist, after all the money she forked over to them – is an outrage!

Since March 26, 1994, I have considered ending my life on several occasions. I will reveal the inhuman things my family did to me, especially my daughter and her family, who saw me as a Locked Safe, that contained Fame and Fortune for them. They hated me because I stood in their way. I have been Christine Rosamond’s Advocate since her death. I have sought the Truth. In 1972 my beloved sister asked me to be her Manager. In 1974 she gave me full credit for her success. This blog is a wellspring for knowledge. My family, and the people around my family, knew very little of the history I have published – for free!

Stacey Pierrot’s webpage was designed to explain why OUTSIDERS came to own and control this Creative Family Legacy, just in case Rosamond’s fans are interested. But, why would they care?  This webpage is expressly written for a very select group. Who are they?

After Sandra – is swept away – Tom Snyder is hired as a Ghost Writer. Here is how he wiped out Faulkner’s biography that Christine allegedly hired her to author. Was there a contract?  I can’t image Rosamond’s attorney allowing her client to meet with anyone, and hand over her biography – without a contract! Of course, the death of the famous artist would make Sandra’s biography – priceless! Snyder never knew Rosamond.

Tom Snyder says this in `When You Close Your Eyes’.

“On occasion, Christine speaks for herself – these passages are
included and italicized – from scattered pages of autobiographical
notes, a few brief interviews, unfinished letters, and personal
meanderings. These passages are all more striking for being so
sparse. For Christine was not a journal keeper so much as one who
reached for clarity of mind by writing. The bulk of her comments,
however, consists of scattered thoughts and the ideation of a woman
who was not well at the time she wrote them down.”

If Snyder had published these “scattered thoughts” then we might own a clue as to why Christine allegedly wanted to kill herself.

As the owner of a bohemian newspaper, I am interested in the history of the Pine Cone that was founded by Carmel Bohemians. That the famous same-sex marriage is advertised on the Rosamond Publishing webpage is now a current event due to Pope Francis meeting with Kim Davis.

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Copyright 2015

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The Carmel Pine Cone is one of California’s most historic newspapers, and with its thorough, ground-breaking community journalism, it’s


Miller stirred up more scorn on Feb 8th, 2013, when his paper referred to a dance troupe of women as ‘Sluts’. Miller used the word ‘Sluts’ as its jump line and as the title of a photo caption. A local attorney, Jeanette Witten, attempted to have a judge order copies of the newspaper removed from their racks. Kelly Nix reported in the Pine Cone:
‘According to court documents filed by Witten, “continued distribution” of The Carmel Pine Cone with the words “SLUTS” in bold and caps over the photograph of the models and the headline that contained the words “disgusting and appalling,” will cause “irreparable harm” to the models’ reputations. Witten also asked a judge to compel The Pine Cone issue a “redaction and written apology in print.”

Eve Vawter on website Mommyish.com was one of many irate women who saw Miller’s
choice of words as sexist and derogatory. She writes on Mon Feb 11 2013:
Hey Carmel Pinecone, f you, f you from me, from every other woman, from every parent who
lives there and lets their child read this print newspaper, from every human in the world who understands that calling or referring to women as “sluts” is lame and offensive and sexist and derogatory and incredibly stupid. I am not allowed to use the word “fuck” in headlines, per my bosses, or else I would have just headlined this article “Fuck You Pinecone.” This weekend we were talking with our two youngest kids and my daughter asked me: Mom, am I a feminist?
And I asked her: “What is a feminist?”
And she replied: It’s a lady who is also a woman who believes things. Wait, what is a feminist?
So I explained, in young kid terminology, what feminism means and how that the basic idea is that men and women should be treated as equals. My daughter interrupted me:
Mom, I am a feminist! And my son interrupted her:
Mom, I am a feminist! I can be a feminist too!
And yeah, excellent, two new feminists in the world and then I have to wake up and read bullshit like this from a local newspaper in one of the wealthiest parts of California, where you would assume that due to privilege and income per capita and college degree statistics that the people there would know better than this…’
Read more: http://www.mommyish.com/2013/02/11/carmel-newspaper-sluts/#ixzz3CHe72yOu

In an out-of-touch editorial, Miller denied the presence of hunger among the poor on the Peninsula. Shortly afterwards his offices were picketed. “We were very disappointed by the editorial in which The Pine Cone seemed to mock the fact there are hungry people in our county,” picketer Alan Haffa of Monterey told a Pine Cone reporter. Channeling a balder, chinless RFK, Miller “took the high ground” posing expansively in what would become a Pine Cone front page picture on 3/2/12: Miller braving a small phalanx of bearded and sandaled protestors to discuss their point of view. Nor was he apparently fooling anyone; shortly after this article was published, someone broke the windows at the Pine Cone Office.




, “A Tribute to Yesterday,” Sharron Lee Hale assigns several of the specific verses of the song to Sterling, and others to Sinclair Lewis, Michael Williams and Opal Heron Search. As it turns out, those attributions of authorship were originally made by Search to Jimmy Hopper’s widow, Elayne Chanslor, in the 1950s, and later appeared in the Carmel Pine Cone.



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    Sandra Faulkner said this in 1997; I was reluctant to writer all that my INTERVIEWS revealed about Christine. I just sent two messages to Sandra beseeching to tell the truth. I sent her this, written by the second ghost writer Stacey Pierrot hired. ““These contributors are virtually the only sources of
    inforamtion on Rosamond, which makes their reflections – and
    generosity – of enormous value. Christine Rosamond was, by turns,
    social and reclusive. Sometimes, Chrsitine’s whereabouts were not
    even known. Never the less it is shocking to find so little
    information exists about a woman who became, in her time, the most
    published artist in the world. There were no files or diaries, no
    extensive articles, and but one scrapbook. This work is, in fact, the
    first to examine Rosamond’s life.”

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