Castle of Love

castle2 Castle3 Castle4 Castle5 castle7Bryan_MacLean

Here is the villa that Love lived in. It once belonged to Norma Talmadge, and the Duke of Alba. The photo of Bryan might have been taken at what he says is a “castle” on the Dick Clark show. Watching Arthur walk around his former abode, makes me wonder if Prince saw this movie this was taken from. Arthur is a pillar of confidence as his boots echo in the halls. The Lord of the Manor, is home. You can’t buy that walk. As much money as Prince had, he was not Arthur’s equal. With little money, the residents owned all The Land – as far as the eye could see. Too bad no artist or photographer made a record of the beautiful women who made their way here.

Prince studied what success is for a Rock Artist. He knew this was the Zenith that can’t be duplicated. Others – tried! They failed!

Around this time, I was living in a seven bedroom Victorian with the Loading Zone. I was the Artist in Residence. The Zone was the other multi-racial rock group from which sprang ‘The Tower of Power’.  I would do large canvases while Linda Tillery practiced in the next room. We had old black blues guys drop in to jam.

Jon Presco

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    This castle if part of the California Culture that I am compiling to form Euro-Cal.

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