The Second Death of Hippie

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I lived just around the corner from where the procession of ‘The Death of the Hippie’ passed by. I was away and missed it. However, I will not miss the ‘Second Death of the Hippie’ event, because I will star in it. Due to being buried under a mountain of evil slander by wanna-be pretend hippies, I will be crucified by devil-wiccans whom I invite to attend so they can curse me and spread their demonic vile – for the last time!

I am going to ask my artistic friend, Stefan Eins to see if Herman Nitsch would come to Ken Kesey Square and perform another masterpiece. I want the Hell’s Angels to attend as they did the first burial. I am pretty sure that is Free Wheelen Frank, who poet Michael McClure made famous in his book. I am going to ask McClure to write a eulogy. Ken was close with the Angels.

This great cultural event will say goodbye to Ken Kesey with a funeral pyre that will free his hippie spirit. It will be a freebie. If anyone knows any Angels, let me know. All real hippies will have another procession and parade down Broadway. There will be a ceremonial washing of store fronts to drive away the evil ones and purify the whole downtowm. I want trumpets to sound out on Skinner Butte, and the horns of the Zulu Nazarite to take us to the Square. I will invite the Hell Angels to lead the parade on their bikes. I want Wavey Gravey to be the MC.

Jon Presco ‘Freebie’

Presdient: Royal Rosamond Press

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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