Bryan Coffield Arnold

Rosamond Press

Bryan C. Arnold 1937

1937 Class Crest

Cullum No. 10973 • Nov 14, 1987 • Died in Los Altos, CA

Interred in Alta Mesa Cemetery, Palo Alto, CA


When I beheld a photo of Bryan C. Arnold last night, I saw my late friend brought back to life. Since his death in 1964 I have had dreams where he appears and is carrying on our great friendship. I am overjoyed. Alas, the great tragedy can be lifted. Then, the bright sunlight that had filled the room, begins to fade. I am heartbroken at yet another lesson that Bill gives, being, all is illusion, and only the truth will set you free.

What is the truth, Bill?”

When I look at Bryan’s face I see the chiseled face of a warrior that moves the world. It does not contain ideas, as much as it moves whole concepts to its liking. They don’t make…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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