Grimm Rippers

How many of my readers understand I often speak in a poetic language that can be construed as Madness. I read all of Grimms when I was eleven. I see the world as a chaotic Fairytale, where most are up to no good, but, this chaos and deception is vital in producing ‘The Authentic One’. This is why Jesus appealed to German Teutons. He passes a crucial test – and shines with The Truth. Jesus spoke in parables. He is a Gleeman to the Celts. Now, he cowers from ISIS, because his American Handlers have gone after women and gay folk. They refuse to see our black President as a Hero. Jesus has to love the bragging millionaire who hates aliens and little poor people. See Jesus go after aliens with a whip, he herding them across the border. No wonder white folks are whining about their identity crisis. Minutes after Rosamond hit the water, my family owned a identity crisis, being, how to disqualify the surviving poets and artists, and get gobs of money in their pocket. It did not occur to anyone to back my creative endeavors. The only family member who hung on my every word – became rich and famous!

Rosamond Press

Profit Makers will be ripping off the Brother Grimm in a TV show that premiere’s tonight.


ABC’s wholesome and Disney-esque Once Upon a Time, premiering Sunday (8 ET/PT), and NBC’s darker Grimm, premiering Friday (9 ET/PT), both offer new spins on an ancient genre. And chances are good these fresh twists on the ubiquitous classics can be very entertaining, says Adam Gidwitz, author of his own Brothers Grimm-inspired children’s novel, A Tale Dark and Grimm.

“Fairy tales endure because they speak to (our) deep needs and deep fears,” says Gidwitz. “When the world feels disenchanted, we want to go to a place of enchantment. Watching a TV show about fairy tales or reading a book about fairy tales is like that.”

In Once Upon a Time, Jennifer Morrison (House) stars as Emma Swan, a bail bondswoman whose life changes when the son she gave up for adoption 10 years…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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