Abolitionists vs. The Black Rose

CNN has launched a campaign to end modern day slavery. Four days ago it aired ‘The 60’s’ that began with the Civil Rights Movement. Garth Benton’s kindred are not mentioned in Snyder’s book. White radicals from Europe began the Abolitionist Movement, and, are at the root of the Radical 60’s. but, very people know this. I posted this before the world was aware of ISIS, who were poised to take slaves. The Peace Movement of the Hippies, is dead. I give many warning in this blog about the return of slavery and racism. ISIS just slaughtered gay men. They are doing the work of the Red State Neo-Confederates. Would ISIS attack Planned Parenthood?



Neither Jesus nor St. Paul, nor any other Biblical figure is recorded as saying anything in opposition to the institution of slavery. Slavery was very much a part of life in Judea, Galilee, and in the rest of the Roman Empire during New Testament times. The practice continued in England, Canada and the rest of the English Empire until the early 19th century; it continued in the U.S. until later in the 19th century.

Quoting Rabbi M.J. Raphall, circa 1861:
“Receiving slavery as one of the conditions of society, the New Testament nowhere interferes with or contradicts the slave code of Moses; it even preserves a letter [to Philemon] written by one of the most eminent Christian teachers [Paul] to a slave owner on sending back to him his runaway slave.”

Frémont was involved with making California a U.S. Territory, where he became its third territorial governor. Jessie, who arrived in 1849, became active in California politics, something few women did at the time. In 1856, John became the first presidential candidate for the new Republican Party. Jesse was central to his campaign, and in some states posters even appeared that proclaimed that Jessie should go to the White House. While Frémont did not win the election, his candidacy propelled him forward to a military position as head of the Department of the West during the Civil War.

John and Jessie arrived in Missouri in 1861. Jessie served as an unofficial adviser to John, and many biographers have noted how much influence Jessie had on decisions that he made.

In fact, her anti-slavery views helped John make the decision to declare his controversial emancipation order, which freed the slaves of rebels in the state of Missouri.

When Pres. Lincoln demanded that the order be rescinded, John chose Jessie to go to Washington and argue his case before the president.
After the war, the Frémonts eventually settled back in California. Jessie continued her success as an author, writing several books about her and her husband’s experiences.

By the end of her life she had become a hero of the growing women’s movement, and one California group purchased a home for her after John’s death. Jessie died in her Los Angeles home in 1902 at age 78.


Jessie Benton was an Abolitionist. Her husband, John Fremont authored the emancipation of slaves in Missouri before Lincoln considered his emancipation. Indeed, he fired John for freeing black slaves. Jesse Benton, Jessie Benton’s grandfather, was an aide to Lord Tyron, whose society of Loyalists freed slaves in America in order to do battle with the Rebels who did not free black slaves in their Constitution. This makes the Benton family the foremast Abolitionist family in America. Fremont was the first presidential candidate for the Republican Abolitionist Party.

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freemont10Last night I discovered PBS has aired two shows on the Abolitionists. The last show of the series will be aired tomorrow. They had to mention John Fremont, and his wife, Jessie Benton, or something is terribly wrong. For over six years I have championed the history of the Fremonts after I concluded Jesus came to restore the Jubilee the Sanhedrin did away with a century before Jesus was born. Like John, Jesus was baptizing freed slaves into the LIVING kingdom of God here on earth. Paul, a Pharisee, believed in the Resuscitation of the DEAD and a kingdom after Death. The man from Tarusus exposes his hand when he bids slaves to remain slaves, and to expect their freedom to come only – AFTER DEATH.

God erred when he wrote the following….
Gen. 17:12, and Ex 12:40.
“For the generations to come every male among you who is…

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