Who is Sande Green?

Sande Green is a real looker like Sandra Locke. Sande and her wealthy husband visited Carmel when Clint Eastwood was Mayor.

Rosamond Press

“In the seasonal moment, an artist known worldwide as Rosamond is considering a guest-house invitation. Patrons had frequently made such offers, and they had always been graciously, yet uniformly refused. But, on a brisk March day in 1994, Christine Rosamond uncharacteristically accepts one such offer. She is feeling more buoyant and happy then she has in years. As chilling winter fogs disperse, it seems a grand time for an outing..”


ParasailingMy niece, Shannon Rosamond, told me it was Sande Green who invited Christine to stay at the house at Rocky Point. Sande’s un-named husband would fly his private jet to Monterey on occasions. Did they rent the house at Rocky Point when they were in town, or, were they frequent guests of the owner?

In Snyder’s biography, Sande says Christine was intimidated by her husband’s wealth. Sande also tells how she got Christine drunk and up in the air paragliding…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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