War on the Mentally Ill & Gifted

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AArenaChristine 1980 Modeling in Hatsamsca2

Imagine if a total stranger started acting like they knew you and your family and was inventing lies about you. Would you think this person was insane – and dangerous? Would you take out a restraining order – after calling the cops? Would you purchase a gun?

The author, Julie Lynch, never met any member of my family or interviewed us for her biography of my late sister, yet she assigns sexual dynamics she conjured up to a world-famous artist.  Julie gets to do this, because she is writing a book about my family. Well, I am writing a book about my family, too. For doing this, I have been viciously attacked and slandered, my state of mind compared to a lone gunman out to hurt others. I will make a list – for my book! It is not a Hit List. My book will exterminate the Fake Victims.


Let’s start with…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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