How Did Paul Recognize Nazarites?

Write your Senator and Congressman and demand there be a select committee to investigate human sexuality and religion. St. Paul told his followers not to get married because the world was coming to end.

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stephenhIt is alleged the face of Saint Stephen glowed because he was filled with the light of the Holy Spirit. Are we talking about Halos?

One day while I was studying my friend Marilyn dropped in and gasped because my face was glowing. My white hair was like a neon blue. My blue eyes were intense.

“Go look in the mirror!”

I looked like an angel.

I have seen auras around people most of my life, especially after I died – and came back. Chris Wandel told me embers of the Loading Zone were in awe of me, my eyes glowing as I came down the dark halls of the large Victorian we lived in. A woman who was with my brother-in-law exclaimed upon seeing me for the first time;

“There is a golden aura around that man!”

The persecution of the first Church of Nazarites allegedly began when the…

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