Ancestor Worship and Gay Marriage

“The Mormons and Evangelicals are now in the position to declare that not all human beings are born equal, and gays will forever be labeled subhuman because they can never be attached to God’s Tree of Life. However, if they take the Vow of the Nazarite, they become separated and consecrated to God, and are His Children, loyal to His Will, forever His Patriots and protectors of the homeland. We are talking about God’s Citizens. The Tea Party Evangelicals are into Ancestor Worship and want to cleanse America of foreign parasites – employing Emperor Jesus who blessed the divine Rule of Kings and the British Empire who taxed Americans – like parasites! Sorry Charlie! Does not compute!”

Rosamond Press

The Mormons are big on Ancestor Worship. So are white folks, but their Ancestor Worship was corrupted by Satan-Paul’s fake Jesus who is severed from his Ancestral Worship via a emcaulate castration, he the only man in the world not allowed to defend his ancestral homeland as a Patriot. Paul was a double agent hired by Rome to alter the Nazarite Jubilee Rebellion that was sweeping the world, giving rise to an army of Nazarite Angels to take on the Slave Masters in Rome – who loved to get drunk and conduct orgies with both sexes. Paul destroys heterosexuality amongst the Celtic people that was very similar to Judaic heterosexuality. This is why Paul bid his followers to abandon the Torah, the old testament. This is key now that President Obama is supporting Gay Marriages. The Jews were big on genealogies that Hitler did his best to destroy – in…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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