Sixth Sense & Celebrity Moles



After watching the video I took of Belle, I gasped when I saw the mole on her neck. I gave Marilyn a call.

“What side of your neck is your mole on?”

“I had it removed.”


“Seven years ago. My doctor said it may become cancerous.”

“What side?”

“My right side. I’m amazed you recall it. Why do you ask?”

I told Marilyn about Belle who looked like her when she was young. M always wore black leotards because she considered herself a Beat. Belle was a Beat who perked up when I used the word “Bohemian”. She too is wearing black leotards!

Look at these two beautiful women. They look like sisters, mother and daughter. There was no power on earth that could have prevented me from falling in love with Belle. Admit this, my enemies, and I will love you too! Long before ‘The Da Vinci Code M was drawn to France. She told me she has visions of dying in a cathedral – under a pile of stones!

I believe in taking risks. It’s time to tell the truth as I know it. Here is my painting of my angel I saw on McClure’s Beach – when I died in 1967. I painted this from memory in 1976. Look how close I got it.

mclur18 mclur19


The movie ‘The Sixth Sense’ is the movie I got going most of the time. I receive signs from another dimension……Red Warning Signs, that tell me things are not what they appear. In the last two years three of my good friends, died. Before they died they want to talk about death, get my opinion, talk to a good friend so they can own a clue.

“I died in 1967. I saw God and the kingdom of Truth. A seer said I was in heaven. You will be there, too. At first your will be in hell as your spirit pulls away from the world of illusion. You will experience much shame and guilt, but, just keep saying…..

“All I ever wanted, was the truth!”

Today, my freed three friends remind me of my lesson when they see me get stuck in illusion, like Erin’s claim to Venus and the Rainbow.

I went with Bertie to see where she is going to be buried. She wanted me buried next to her. I almost bought a plot next door. After seeing me conduct the memorial for Hollis, she knew I was ‘The One’ she wants to see, from above, saying wonderful words over the Sleeping Beauty in her casket. She hated the minister who spoke after me.

Last evening, another strange light came into my abode. It gave me a message.

“Do not spare the academics, the rich, the museums, the vain, for buying looted Syrian artifacts that ISIS is selling on the black market. It’s time for THE TRUTH!”

Last night I got this message from Michael Powell in response to me informing him his old BLUE chair might be stolen after I make it famous.

The beauty of it is that, like my bike, it’s so old and ratty nobody’ll
steal it–but it’s FUNCTIONAL for just that reason.

Keep it touch,



I gasped! I sent Michael these two posts, and asked him what COLOR is his bike. I have gotten no answer. Did I spook him? Is it……BLUE?

Having died, and come back, I can recognize the kind of visions one sees before they behold Heaven. This time I would love the Libra Venus, Brigit Bardot, to take me through the Gate, we both – naked! She is in my musical ‘My Big Beautiful Blue Bicycle’ – and her blue bike – she rode in the movie ‘And God Created Women’. I love Art and Movie Making. The shadow on the white sheets, a enunciation of Eve by angels.

“Be fruitval and multiply!”

And the Dead shall multiply as well.

What do I care if you believe me? Like Michael said;

“It’s about not getting any respect. Do you care?”


AMY1 COTT444 DSC03045 bellebbb5

Those ISIS prigs hate everything that Brigitte brought into the world. True Lovers never get any respect. This is a truth M and I recall, with wonderment. Consider Elvis and Bardot, and Rock n Roll songs.  I am watching the Civil War on PBS. Everyone in a uniform got respect, including blacks. We hold up a sign that says “Make Love not War” and they pounded the fuck out of us – to this day! Sarah Palin was egging her Haters on, she employing a Unicorn and pixie-dust to turn us into sub-humans who want a PEACE treaty with Iran.  When her children get with child out of wed-lock, the evangelicals hold prayer vigils, because this is a sign the Rapture and Great Tribulation is just around the corner!

“I see raptured people!”

The un-Trump-like Jesus did not get any respect after performing miracles in full view. Will ISIS give me respect me if I put away all these worldly things, mount a pale horse, and meet then on their battlefield? I have seen this battlefield before. The Lord………won!

Jon ‘The Nazarite’

blue-greg bicycle5 bicycle6


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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