The Diggers

Members of the FOE planning board utterly rejected this history, therefor, they may not get near it in any shape or form.

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Some of the original Diggers are copyrighting much of their history which goes against their idealogy. The OCCUPY and Whiteaker Anarchists have stolen the Digger’s playbook. I am going to reveal the amazing discovery I made two months ago concerning Joaquin Miller and Pre-Raphaelitism that will put the founding of American Bohemianism in the Oakland Hills. Hobbitism was born next door in Berkeley. Alterative British Culture came to America long before the Beatles.

Hobbitism has thrived in Eugene Oregon, but, the children of the Hobbits are vicious and selfish anarchists who believe they have invented radicalism.

Jon Presco


Hobbitism is a broad term for the body of hobbits and hobbit like people, their theologies and doctrines, ethical, spiritual, and behavioral characteristics, as well as their numerous and specific meals and in general their ravenous eating habits. It can also refer to human beings or other creatures sharing obvious or…

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