The King of California

It is now becoming clear to many, the racists in the south invented the racist king Jesus in order to gain the moral and political high ground that has belonged to my kindred, the Fremonts. Because there exist usurpers and frauds who claim chunks of the true Bohemian World, my reign as King of California and the Bohemians, begins today. “One of the most impressive feats of her political career came shortly after
Frémont lost his position during the Civil War for issuing his own edict of
emancipation, summarily freeing all of the slaves in Missouri, which antedated
Lincoln’s own Emancipation Proclamation. Jessie actually traveled to Washington,
and pleaded with Lincoln on behalf of her husband, but to no avail.

A great supporter of her husband, who was one of the first two Senators of the
new U.S. state of California and a Governor of the Territory of Arizona, she was
outspoken on political issues and a determined opponent of slavery, which was
excluded from the formation of California. By maintaining a high level of
political involvement during a period that was extremely unfavorable for women,
Jessie Benton Frémont proved herself to be years ahead of her time.
Leading Radical Republicans

Rosamond Press


Last night CNN aired an excellent program on the 60s, the best I have ever seen. This show covered my history. In 1963 I hitchhiked to New York and lived in the East and West Village for nine months. I would listen to the Folk Singers in Washington Square. We Atlanteans created and declared ourselves a New Reality. The reality that replaced us Atlanteans, sucks!

Because the Evangelical Loons of John Darby have taken over the Congress and Senate, and have taken steps to create the False Kingdom of their Fake Jesus, it is imperative that I regenerate, and raise from the dead, the Atlantean Culture, that was given the name Hippies. Their name, for our movement, is no longer applicable. Because the conservative crazies are not going to return to reality any time soon, let us go forth with a new vision for a real democracy.

My kindred were…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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