Old Bullion vs. The Bank of United States

OCCUPY is a utter failure. It destroyed Eugene by moving non-citizens into the economically fragile Bohemian lifestyle.

Rosamond Press

The Occupy Eugene Community should be trying to make history. Folks who make history and author history, rely on the history that went before them. The Occupy Eugene Leaders have sidelined my historic fight with Banks and Lenders because they feel the mainstream has nothing to offer them. They have created a Reservation in Alton Baker Park – which is just fine for the powers that be! As long as the restless native stay on the reservation, then the Great White Father will not have to punish the children.

I wrote and posted the following in 2008. History is o my side. My fight against Bankers spans many years.


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Old Bullion vs. The Bank of United States

(Images: First Bank of United States. Thomas Hart Benton. Garth,
Christine, and Drew Benton. Major…

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