Professional Victims?

Here are the terrorists that Ambrose and Anand Holtham Keathley cater to. About a dozen of them brought to Eugene their covert anarchist artist program that includes partial nudity and lesbian love. These lawless troublemakers invented the lie that I am a sexual predator – that Krysta Albert ran with! That’s Alley Valkyrie with camera ready to capture some illegal groping of big saggy tits. That’s the same fat thug who got in that reporter’s face wearing body armor. After sending Anand Holtham Keathley a FB message asking him to resign from FOE, I got a tirade of messages from Krysta.

“Sir, you are unstable., Your threats are that of a lunatic. Kindly refrain from further contact as its clear you are an individual bent on being destructive, angry, mean and quite mentally ill.”

“Greg- after your postings, the committee had a teleconference and we decided you are not a fit for our organization. If you have questions about our organization or how it runs, simply Google it. There are plenty of news articles about FOE.’

I will be contacting the IRS to make sure all the donations to FOE are legally recorded.

Alley Valkyrie says I will have to deal with her if I go downtown. I wanted to go to a meeting at city hall. Instead of a intervention, I get this;

“Glenn Combs: I’m thinkin’ concrete shoes. We got a river with deep spots… Hypothetically speaking, of course.”

Anand is a FB friend of Alley and is reading all this insanity. He took a oath as a Nurse. He knows I have accused Belle of misusing funds. If SLEEPS did this, this would constitute an egregious abuse of the homeless mentally ill people. Many receive SSI. Were they asked to contribute a portion of the Government check? The FBI needs to talk to folks who feel at their mercy.

Rosamond Press


One question I put forth to members of SLEEPS who were attacking me and doing their best to destroy my reputation, was

“What are you doing with the monies people are giving you? Are you set up to receive this money like OCCUPY is? Are you a non-profit organization?”

Around Christmas time giving and caring citizens will give billions of dollars to fraudulent charities. This is a double crime, because those in need will not get the help they need, and, legitimate charities suffer as prospective donors lose trust in all programs.

I found a video this morning that captures my ex-neighbor, Kevin. We were neighbors for ten years. Our landlady’s ex-husband founded SHIPS, that ran Royal Avenue Shelter where I stayed for six weeks – after they kicked me out of Sacred Hearts because I had not proof of insurance. I was homeless in Blue River for two months. I lived in a tent in…

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