Erdogan Takes Fighters Hostage

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As ISIS is poised to take over Kobane and slaughter the Kurds, Erdogan ‘The Snake’ insists our Commander in Chief invade Syria and remove Assad from power, before his tanks will move in and prevent ISIS from raping, beheading, and taking women as sex-slaves. This Turkish Terrorist allowed his allies to take Kobane, his tanks sitting there letting them do it.

Seeing the airstrikes have not stopped the War Criminals, but only hurt them, Erdogan uses ISIS as a bargaining chip, a means to draw my Nation deeper into a war in the Levant. The Snake wants our troops on the ground, so he can keep his troops safe and warm inside Turkey that has not killed any enemies of the United States in the last ten years, nor any members of ISIS.  They have let foreign fighters in to Syria to join ISIS, and have funded this group and others as Biden claims. Joe was correct.

Newscaster are saying these airstrikes did little good because the Alliance does not have spotters on the ground. Why couldn’t the Turks have helped the Alliance call in strikes?

I suspect Erdogan is allied with ISIS.  If so, Alliance Jets should destroy The Snakes tanks overlooking Kobane that are keeping the Kurds his prisoners. Let’s see how ‘The Snake’ and NATO reacts.  I hope this would result in an uprising in Turkey and the ousting of a Hitlerish Traitor to Humanity.

Jon Presco

MURSITPINAR, Turkey — Kurdish fighters in Syria struggled to fight off Islamic State militants in Kobani on Tuesday, as Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, warned that border town was about to fall, despite new United States-led airstrikes on the militants.

Saying that aerial attacks alone may not be enough to stop the fighters’ advance, Mr. Erdogan called for more support for insurgents opposed to the group in Syria. In doing so, he was reiterating the key sticking point between Turkey and Washington: President Obama wants Turkey to take stronger action against the Islamic State, while Mr. Erdogan wants the American effort to focus more on ousting Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad. Turkey has long supported the armed opposition to Mr. Assad.

But to the Syrian and Turkish Kurds watching in increasing desperation from hilltops here on Tuesday, the ground force that needs immediate help is the Kurdish group fighting the Islamic State in the streets of Kobani, the People’s Protection Committees. They believe that given Turkey’s long history of tensions with its Kurdish population, Mr. Erdogan sees the group, known as the Y.P.G., as an enemy and an even greater threat than the Islamic State.

2013–2014 saw protests against what large sections of the Turkish public perceive as a growing authoritarianism of Erdoğan, his government, alleged disregard of the rule of law and his policies, starting from a small sit-in in Istanbul in defense of a city park.[8][9][10][11][12][13] The internationally criticised heavy-handed crackdown by police forces and the alleged involvement of AKP youth wing members in aiding the police resulted in the protests spreading all around Turkey. After the demonstrations began, the police continued with tear gas and water cannons to control and clear the demonstrations.[14] On 17 December 2013, several relatives of Erdoğan’s cabinet ministers were arrested amid a government corruption scandal after rifts developed between Fethullah Gülen and the AKP. Turkey blocked Twitter under Erdoğan’s orders after Twitter users criticised him for his involvement in the scandal, though the ban was later annulled by the judiciary.[15][16][17][18] Regardless, his victory in the 2014 local elections showed that he still commanded a strong support base throughout Turkey.

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