Airstrikes Against ISIS

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ISIS in Kobane is being bombed while Kurds in Turkey got to the streets to protest inaction of NATO ally. This article in Haaretz make the same Warsaw comparison that I did.

Airstrikes are taking place in the besieged Syrian city of Kobane this morning, targeting Islamic State militants who have advanced into the suburbs.

The U.S.-led anti-ISIS coalition is believed to have carried out the airstrikes, which come just a day after the terrorists raised their black flag over a building in the east of the city – located right on northern Syria’s border with Turkey.

Smoke was seen coming from positions immediately behind the four-storey building this morning, with reporters stationed across the border in Turkey saying heavily armed police there had ordered people to stay indoors while the strikes take place.

Kurdish fighters defending Kobane have vowed to fight ISIS to the death, saying they will do their utmost to prevent the Islamist ‘monsters’ massacring civilians. 

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Turkey has so far made no move to join the fight against ISIL close to its borders, beyond returning fire at ISIL fighters in response to mortar shells landing on Turkish territory.

In Adana in southern Turkey, a group of assailants opened fire on protesters, injuring two of them. One of the protesters was wounded in the Seyhan district and is in critical condition. Some protesters later rioted after the incident, mostly in the Dağlıoğlu, Şakirpaşa, 19 Mayıs and Gülbahçesi neighborhoods. Police arrived to disperse the crowds.

In the Kadıköy district of İstanbul, police used rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannon to stop rioting protesters. Similar scenes also unfolded in other parts of İstanbul, such as the neighborhood of Gazi and in Taksim Square.

In Van and Hakkari provinces, protesters clashed with police in various neighborhoods. It was in Hakkari that the youth wing of the PKK attacked a prep school and a girls’ dorm, ransacking some of the rooms and offices.

The Kurdish-led protests also extended across Europe. On Monday, dozens of Kurds stormed the national parliament building in The Hague in a protest of ISIL.

Riot squads and hundreds of officers were deployed and helicopters were flying overhead, said a demonstrator at the scene.

Around 100 protesters forced their way through to the main hall of the building and were sitting on the floor with banners, one of which read “Stop Kobani.”

“The situation in Kobani is getting [out] of control. IS [or ISIL] has stormed the town and a lot of civilians are being killed. We want the West to do more to stop the situation in Syria,” said the protester, who asked not to be named.

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‘We either die or win. No fighter is leaving,’ Esmat al-Sheikh, leader of the Kobane Defence Authority, said.

‘The world is watching, just watching and leaving these monsters to kill everyone, even children…but we will fight to the end with what weapons we have.’


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