Sarah Anointed Cup Bearer

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I have it from a good source, Sarah Palin has been anointed President Obama’s Cup Bearer.  Her job is take from the Commander in Chief any beverage he has in his hand when it is time to salute any member of the armed Forces, and, bring Obama the Holy Grail I give unto him so he can hold it on high and inspire the Freedom Alliance he heads as the Leader of the Free World.

At no time is Sassy Sarah to touch the Grail. She must present the box the grail is stored in – down on one knee. She must avert her eyes, and pray she will be forgiven for her disrespect. If the President desires a Latte, or a cup of tea, Sarah much deliver with haste whatever the President desires, on a silver platter while – down on one knee!

If the Sassy One refuses this sacred and traditional position, she will not serve The Lord in any capacity – ever!

Above is the Disgraced Republican President, Richard Nixon, giving the V for Victory salute in front of our troops. I have yet to find a video of ‘The King of Liars’ giving our troops a military salute after his resignation. Here is the list of liars that have disgraced the Republican Party co-founded by my kindred, Jessie and John Fremont.

Richard Nixon

George W. Bush

Sarah Palin

As Alliance Pilots risk their lives destroying Pure Evil that rapes little girls and slaughters little boys, it is a insult to the whole world to see the Republicans hold up a styrofoam cup in order to execute their political un-called for crusade against the President and the Democratic Party in time of war. The world needs all the help it can get!

“Deliver us from evil!”

Get out of my kindred’s party! Get out… stupid, inept, traitors!

Jon the Nazarite

In a video posted on the White House’s Instagram, Obama is seen exiting the presidential helicopter and saluting the standing guards as is tradition.

When you embark and disembark aircraft as often as he does, I guess it’s inevitable that you’re going to be saddled with possessions at some point, and the president is seen awkwardly improvising as he tries to form a salute without spilling his latte.

This is 2014 though so at least a handful of people on the internet have to be outraged about it, including the National Republican Congressional Committee, which tweeted incredulously: “Wait – did President Obama just salute the Marines with a LATTE in his hand?!”

“Our honored military — when we talk about these national security issues, our honored military, on behalf of all Americans who do support you — and we honor you, we respect you,” the 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate said Friday speaking at the Values Voters Summit in Washington.

“On behalf of all Americans to your commander-in-chief, we then will salute him,” Palin said, raising a styrofoam cup, to laughter from the audience.

Palin mistakenly identified the address of the White House in providing advice of how to handle attacks form the left.

“Well, don’t retreat, you reload with truth – which I know is an endangered species at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue anyway, truth,” Palin said. “ The media’s favorite president, he just can’t stop telling lies.”

She also jokingly ripped media outlets for reporting about a divorce that isn’t happening.

She said her husband Todd jokingly said, “Is it still that same $20 million divorce? Well, write me the check.”

A cup-bearer was an officer of high rank in royal courts, whose duty it was to serve the drinks at the royal table. On account of the constant fear of plots and intrigues, a person must be regarded as thoroughly trustworthy to hold this position. He must guard against poison in the king’s cup, and was sometimes required to swallow some of the wine before serving it. His confidential relations with the king often gave him a position of great influence. The position of cup bearer is greatly valued and given to only a select few throughout history. Qualifications for the job were not held lightly but of high esteem valued for their beauty and even more for their modesty, industriousness and courage.


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