The Rebirth of Chivalry

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Yesterday I showed my reader a scarf that I turned into a flag in order to honor the life and death of Neda.  That morning I had a vision where I placed that scarf on my sword. I decided I would not unfurl that flag until I saw a sign.  I saw that sign wrapped around the head of a Kurdish Commander who came to the rescue of Holly William, a reporter for CBS News. With him were young female fighters. It is claimed they are fighting for all the woman of the world.

I have been looking for a way to reborn Knighthood in regards to the War with ISIS. I bless any Knight from any land, who takes ups arms in order to defend all women from a murderous evil bent on enslaving and abusing – all the women of the world!

Jon the Nazarite

I discovered on Oct. 1st. that the flag of Kurdistan contains the colors I chose for the Freedom Alliance flag I designed based upon the colors in the scarf.

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What we didn’t expect to find was a society that — unusual in the Middle East — appeared to be dominated by women.

A mile away from ISIS positions we met four young female soldiers. The oldest was 24, the youngest only 19. All of them were students before they joined up.

Middle Eastern communities tend to be more conservative than those in the West. Segregation is common, and many Muslim women cover their heads as an act of religious piety.

But dressed in combat fatigues, their heads uncovered and mixing freely with the male soldiers, the women fighters saw nothing unusual in playing a role in active combat. Their commander told us that about a third of the fighting force in Syrian Kurdistan is made up of women.

“I’ll stay and fight for as long as it takes to defeat them, as long as I live,” said Akina Akin, who at 19 is already a battle-hardened warrior.

Just a mile away, in ISIS territory, women are forced to wear a niqab, which covers everything but their eyes. Any women who don’t are reportedly subject to beatings, or worse.

In the nearby Kurdish town of Rmaylan, however, the regional government seemed to be almost entirely staffed by women. The head of the government is Hadiya Yusuf, who told us she spent two years in a Syrian government prison after pushing for democratic reforms.

Yusuf pulled no punches when we asked her about the American airstrikes in Syria, which began a week ago.

“We don’t think they’re hitting the right targets,” she told us, suggesting the U.S. might want to communicate with her administration.

Over cups of sweet tea after our interview, one of Yusuf’s assistants told us her team was “fighting for all women, everywhere.”

The United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10, 1948 in the midst of an especially bitter phase of the Cold War. Many people contributed to this remarkable achievement, but most observers believe that the UN Commission on Human Rights, which drafted the declaration, would not have succeeded in reaching agreement without the leadership of the Commission’s chair: Eleanor Roosevelt. ER herself regarded her role in drafting and securing adoption of the Declaration as her greatest achievement. As she readily admitted, she had no legal training or expert knowledge of parliamentary procedure, but she brought to her job as chair the skills she had acquired as political activist, reformer, and advocate for those excluded ER quotefrom power and an understanding of the meaning of freedom earned through a deep engagement in the struggle in her own country for social and economic justice, civil rights, and women’s rights. She possessed not only a passionate commitment to human rights, but a hard-earned knowledge of the political and cultural obstacles to securing them in a divided world.
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