Al-Qaeada vs. The Crusaders

isis2 isis4 isis22 isis23Al-Qaeda has called for terrorists strikes against the Coalition calling them a “Crusader alliance”.  For this reason, this blog is vital in establishing a new identity in regards to how the West sees itself in the long war with radical Islam that it can no longer avoid. To allow your enemy to define you, and name you, is folly.  To be seen as Crusaders by young Muslim recruits, will guarantee non-Muslims will be seen in a bad light in the long propaganda war to come. For this reason I construct an Abolitionist Alliance around Moses, who next to Mohammed is the most revered Prophet in the Quran. I have stated in this blog that Moses ordained the Nazarite Judges and Priesthood while in the wilderness in order to help him Judge the multitude. Both John and Jesus were Nazarites who formed a Nazarite Alliance in the Diaspora that was all but destroyed by Saul-Paul, a Roman agent. Twenty-seven years ago I was bid to remove the teaching of Paul from the Abolitionist Revolt, titled “The Way” that saw God, and not His alleged son, as the Light of the World.

No one is bid to follow God and ‘The Way’.  Liberation and Democracy is already in the world. One only need follow these ideals to arrive at the Truth that will on its own accord confront, and defeat, the enemies of ‘The Truth’.

Jon the Nazarite

In a 25-minute audio recording, Nusra Front leader Abu Mohammed al-Golani portrayed the U.S.-led coalition as a “Crusader alliance” against Sunni Muslims and vowed to fight back.

“We will use all that we have to defend the people of Syria…from the Crusader alliance,” al-Golani said. “And we will use all possible means to achieve this end,” he said, without offering more details.

He went on to warn Western countries against taking part in the alliance in words that echoed those of the late founder of al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden.

“This is what will cause the battle to be transported to the hearts of your own homes; because Muslims will not stand idly by and watch Muslims be bombed and killed in their countries, while you are safe on your countries. The price of war will not be paid by your leaders alone. You will pay the biggest price,” he said.

The recording appeared genuine and corresponded with Associated Press reporting.


In his speech last week announcing  plans to combat Islamic State extremists, who are wreaking havoc in Iraq and Syria, President Obama was at pains to stress that his country was not embarking on a religious war. “[The Islamic State] is not ‘Islamic.’ No religion condones the killing of innocents, and the vast majority of [the Islamic State]’s victims have been Muslim,” he said, implying that aggressive American military action should not be equated to an attack on all Muslims.

But no matter how delicately the White House wants to frame renewed military operations in the region, it’s serving up rich propaganda fodder for the militant group in Washington’s crosshairs. As Morning Mix’s Terrence McCoy notes, the Islamic State is all too happy to paint the coming battle as a civilizational conflict. In its own glossy publication, Dabiq, the terror organization hails its plans to fight the “crusaders in Washington” and sees its rise amid the chaos of the Middle East as an evocation of history.

McCoy’s post cites Dabiq at length:

“The Hour will not be established until the Romans land at … Dabiq [an actual town in what’s now Syria],” the first of three issues of the magazine says, quoting the Hadith, sayings and actions attributed to the Prophet Muhammad. “Then an army from al-Madinah of the best people on the earth at that time will leave for them. … So they will fight them. Then one third of [the Islamic fighters] will flee; Allah will never forgive them. One third will be killed; they will be the best martyrs with Allah. And one third will conquer them; they will never be afflicted with [distress]. Then they will conquer Constantinople.”

Constantinople was the capital of the Byzantine empire, which, alongside the Sassanids of Persia, came into conflict with the early armies of Islam as the religion spread from the Arabian peninsula in the 7th century A.D. By “Romans,” Dabiq is referring to the Byzantines. In 1453, Constantinople fell to the Ottomans and became Istanbul, the seat of the last “caliphate” until the Ottoman empire’s collapse after World War I. The Islamic State claims to have launched a new caliphate this summer — I explored the organization’s various historical delusions here.

The escalating U.S. airstrikes against Islamic State positions in Iraq have compelled al-Qaeda’s two most prominent affiliates to declare support for the Islamic State, an organization which was earlier repudiated by Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda’s head. A joint statement from al-Qaeda’s Yemeni and North African wings called on Muslims to “make the unity of the infidel nations against you a reason for your unity against them.” It urged Muslims to “stop the infighting between you and stand as one against America’s campaign,” which it referred to as a “Crusader campaign.”

The memory of the Crusades in the West is a thin one — mostly locked up with images of mailed knights in their arid fortresses and the travails of England’s King Richard the Lionheart. But in the Middle East, the rapine and pillage of successive Crusader armies from Europe, given license by the Pope, are better remembered. Though imbued with religious zeal, these expeditions were as much about pecuniary interest and regional power politics. The Fourth Crusade, for example, got distracted from its mission of conquering Egypt when it decided to sack and plunder Constantinople, the center of the Greek Orthodox Church, in 1204.

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