A Kingdom and Democracy in a Attic

Yesterday we learned our heroic President sent special forces into Syria to try and rescue the journalist that was beheaded, and other that were being held for ransom. My great grandfather commanded the U.S.S. Constitution that lay cannon fire on a barbarous caliph who held Americans and Europeans for ransom. “Before Islamic extremists brutally beheaded an American journalist on camera, they demanded $132 million in ransom from his family and his employer.
Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists began sending the serious messages to James Foley’s family and the GlobalPost last fall, Philip Balboni, the news agency’s head, told CNN.
At first the infrequent messages made political and financial demands. Then, last week, the fighters sent an hateful email saying Foley would be killed.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/isis-demanded-132m-ransom-killing-james-foley-article-1.1911515#ixzz3B2U1Ux2V

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“The invasion of Algiers began on 5 July 1830 with a naval bombardment by a fleet under Admiral Duperré, and a landing by troops under Louis Auguste Victor de Ghaisne, comte de Bourmont. The French quickly defeated the troops of Hussein Dey, the Ottoman ruler, but native resistance was widespread.”

Before Virgina’s ancestor Comte de Bourmont (along with Admiral Duperre) made war against the Muslim Pirates in Algiers in 1830 – in 1803 my great grandfather helped Captain the U.S.S. Constitution against the Barbary Pirates in Tripoli. Captain Isaac Hull helped put Marines ashore in order to put an end to the seizing of American ships and holding Americans hostage for ransom. This is the same motive for France invading Algiers. Hull softened up the Muslim Deys for Bourmont – who had to know American forces went before him. However, de Bourmont was for a French Monarchy, as opposed to…

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