Baptism for the Dead

The fabric of the world is coming unwoven.
Up to a quarter of Iraq’s Christians are reported to be fleeing after Islamic militants seized the minority’s biggest town in the country.
The Islamic State (IS) group captured Qaraqosh in Nineveh province overnight after the withdrawal of Kurdish forces.
Meanwhile, the UN says some of the 50,000 members of the Yazidi religious minority trapped by IS on Mount Sinjar have been rescued.
IS controls parts of Iraq and Syria and says it has created an Islamic state.
Nineveh, located 400km (250 miles) north-west of Baghdad, is home to a large number of religious minorities.
Tens of thousands have been forced to flee since IS, a Sunni Muslim group formerly known as Isis, launched their onslaught in the north in June.
In other developments:
A suicide bombing in a Shia Muslim area of Baghdad killed at least 12 people
IS said it had captured the strategic Mosul dam on the Tigris river – a claim denied by Kurdish forces who insist they are still in control
At least six people died when a car bomb exploded near a Shia mosque in the northern city of Kirkurk
A majority of Nineveh inhabitants left their homes overnight, according to Fraternite en Irak, an international Christian organisation based in Paris.
As many as 100,000 people are believed to be fleeing toward the autonomous Kurdistan Region.
Pope Francis has made an impassioned appeal to the international community to do much more to address the crisis.
A Vatican statement said the Pope appealed for “all necessary help” to be given to those forced to flee their homes, “whose fate depends entirely on the solidarity of others”.
French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has called for the UN Security Council to hold an emergency meeting over the situation.

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Mideast Syria“Baptism for the dead, vicarious baptism or proxy baptism today commonly refers to the religious practice of baptizing a person on behalf of one who is dead—a living person receiving the ordinance on behalf of a deceased person.”

In Matthew there is the very odd account of Jesus’ arrest where a young man is grabbed by a “posse” led by priests. As he runs away, the linen that he is wrapped in is unraveled. It is time this Nazarite unravel the lie and reveal The Truth!

Jesus is performing a Baptism for the dead – in proxy! This ritual was performed by the Mandaeans and the Aramaeans who had a temple on Mount in Damascus that the Umayyad Mosque was built over. One stone remains of this temple where I suspect John the Baptist’s father ministered. In this mosque is the shrine of John the Baptist. The Nazarites are associated…

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