Eastwood “American Royalty”

Did Clint fall in love with Locke after seeing her great tits in Barry’s movie? Paul intimidated Clint to get the part as Mick. Mary Ann is responcible for one of Hollywood’s greatest villains. Clint was in love with two women with the surname Rose. He has been described as a “serial womanizer.”[1][2] According to biographers Patrick McGilligan and Marc Eliot, Eastwood had affairs with, among other notable women, actresses including Catherine Deneuve,[3][4] Jill Banner,[5] Inger Stevens,[6] Jamie Rose,[7] Jean Seberg,[8] and Jo Ann Harris,[9] as well as competitive swimmer Anita Lhoest[3] and story analyst Megan Rose.[10][11]

Eastwood’s relationship with actress Sondra Locke began in the fall of 1975 while filming The Outlaw Josey Wales. They lived together for nearly fourteen years, although Locke remained legally married to her openly gay husband, Gordon Anderson.[21][22] Eastwood befriended Locke’s husband and purchased a house on Crescent Heights Boulevard in West Hollywood for Anderson and his male companion.[15] In the late 1970s, Locke underwent two abortions and a tubal ligation,[23] later stating it was a “mutual decision” to have the procedures.[24] Eastwood and Locke went on to star in five more films together: The Gauntlet, Every Which Way But Loose, Bronco Billy, Any Which Way You Can, and Sudden Impact. On April 10, 1989, while Locke was away directing the film Impulse, Eastwood had the locks changed on their Bel-Air home and ordered her possessions to be boxed and put in storage.[25] Locke filed a palimony suit against Eastwood, and later sued him a second time for fraud, alleging that a directing pact he set up for her at Warner Bros. in exchange for dropping the first lawsuit was a sham.[26][27] In 1996, minutes before a jury was to render a verdict in Locke’s favor, Eastwood agreed to settle for an undisclosed amount.[28] In her autobiography, The Good, the Bad, and the Very Ugly,[29] Locke described Eastwood as “a monster who thought nothing of destroying anything inconvenient to him.”[30]



“I took an unusual approach to telling my story, more novelistic style; also, it required my jumping back and forth between my life with Clint and my relationship with my “husband” (who was and is like my brother and only family). On the one hand, was Clint the quintessential hero (as viewed by the outsider or fan) and on the other was Gordon, an artist and gay man (viewed by society in general as the opposite of hero). In the true life story, it was, of course, Gordon who was the true and honest hero. The construction which was required to weave those two major pieces of my life together was my most daunting task.”

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When I read that Clint Eastwood’s ancestors served on my great grandfather’s ship, the USS Constitution, I had forgiveness for my daughter who thinks life is a big popularity contest. She is not alone, so do the Royal Windsors who no longer have any real power. It’s all -show!

“To add to that, he also has maternal ancestors (James Morgan and Margery Hill) with a likely royal descent, linked to the late Princess of Wales, and Prince William and Prince Harry, the probable next King of England.”

Some sites on the web say the Eastwoods served on the sister ship, the USS Constellation. McGilligan says it was the USS Constitution. Both ships went to Tripoli to protect American shipping from a Islamic leader and fanatic who was holding Americans for ransom.

The USS Constitution is the oldest commisioned Navy vesel. Our President could have sent Old Irondsides to get Bin…

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