Racist Rants

I posted this April 2014. CNN reported on Simon Roche this morning. I am now very revelant due to my support of the Shembe Zulu Nazarite Church which I am sure was used by the Kimites and Allyites as proof I am insane. “The American news network has done a detailed report on right-wing South Africans who may have influenced Trump on land.
In an exclusive investigation, CNN has looked at US president Donald Trump’s views on land in South Africa and which far-right elements in South Africa may be informing them.
The resulting article focuses mainly on far-right extremist group Suidlanders, who the news network said was preparing for an all-out “race war”. They are led by Simon Roche.
READ MORE: Trump is personally watching SA on land issue
Roche toured the US for six months in 2017, attending conferences linked to the so-called US alt-right.
AfriForum, who also traveled to the US to lobby for their cause and said they believed they’d “played a role” in Trump’s concern over the land situation and farm murders here, were also interviewed. https://citizen.co.za/news/south-africa/2040194/cnn-reports-that-sas-white-genocide-brigade-is-preparing-for-a-race-war/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woOQ6cmxKIY

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On April 26th. I drew a line in the sand in regards to racist bigots in my family, or close to my family, contributing to the destruction of the Artistic and Literary Legacy in my family. Today, the NBA commissioner banned Donald Sterling from basketball for life, because he is destructive to the game. I am having a desperate struggle with my muses, Rena and Belle, because they claimed they wanted to be my muse, but, had a hidden agenda. Racist often conceal their hatred so they can enjoy both worlds.

Here is an old post about the Wild Rose who was a spy for the Confederacy.

This morning I discovered ‘The Order of the Confederate Rose’ the woman’s branch of the Sons of Confederate Veterans that was run by my kindred, Anthony Hodges, until Denne Sweeney and his neo-Confederate radicals took over. Governor Rick Perry met with Sweeney, and…

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