Putin Denies Use of WMD


syria2Let us not forget the U.S. armed Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan in order to defeat the Soviet Union. We gave the rebel rocket launchers in order to bring down helicopters.

Above is a photo of British protesters. Note woman giving salute with wrong hand. I bet you this is a right-wing Christian group trying to make Obama look bad, many of these nuts wanting to believe my President is a radical Muslim.

This world is on the brink of chaos due to right-wing co-terrorists.

Jon Presco

Speaking to journalists in the Russian far-eastern city of Vladivostok, Mr Putin urged Mr Obama – as a Nobel Peace Prize laureate – to think about future victims in Syria before using force.

He said it was ridiculous to suggest the Syrian government was to blame for the attack, calling it a “provocation by those who want to drag other countries into the Syrian conflict”.

“Syrian government troops are on the offensive and have surrounded the opposition in several regions,” he said.

“In these conditions, to give a trump card to those who are calling for a military intervention is utter nonsense.”

Russia’s Vladimir Putin challenges US on Syria claims

He said that the US failure to present evidence to the international community was “simply disrespectful”.

“If there is evidence it should be shown. If it is not shown, then there isn’t any,” he said.

The main findings of the unclassified US evidence state that:

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