British Conservatives Attack the U.S.



consevaThe same Conservatives that threaten to shut down our government were hatched from the ass of the same British hen that kissed Reagan’s ass in order to get him to destroy the hippie. The Queen of England gave the nod to Margaret Thatcher because she was a member of Christian-right group that was attacking Beatlemania. Thatcher gave birth to the Tea Party that has a large evangelical base – that loves white people only! These fake Christians have opposed everything our President has tried to do, just because he is not one of them. These fake Christian in the U.S. and abroad, decided to stab the President in the back while he prepared to strike the monster in Syria that gas children the same way the Jews were gassed by Hitler. Like the shot the Slave Masters fired on Fort Sumter – this is war!

Know thy enemy! The neo-Confederates are alive in America and Britain, and the Civil right Movement is their enemy. British Conservatism must be punished in the Land of the Free, and the fake patriots and Christians, voted out of office!

‘The Do Nothing Party’ has had their day. They are Traitors to their country!

Make a copy of Thatcher’s face, and MASK every traitor you know.

It’s time to strip the conservative traitors of all their medal and crosses. It’s time to smash the idol they raise ‘The Killer End Time Jesus’ that they use to terrorize the common citizen. Down with their toxic-shame voo-doo doll – their stinky poo-poo cushion that blows poison gas out its ass because they lost the election – again! Drive these Chicken Littles and Sore Losers into the sea.

It’s time to downsize our military and throw all that brass off public assistance. End corporate welfare, and tax war profiteers! Strip the jewelry from those pretty birds, those harpies who give massages to the Stock Holders of War. Pluck their feathers and throw them into the street so we common people can shame them – but good – the same way they shame children whose mothers get food stamps!

Hurrah for the French for standing with us!

Cut out photo of Thatcher, put it on both side of a piece of cardboard with stick, then hold it up to the next Big Bubba Loud Mouth Tea Party Crazy as he bellow out his racist bullshit.

Not Patriots, but Thatcherettes….winey women who did not get their way, get enough votes, and now they are having a sissy-fit at the expense of hungry and gassed children.

Jon Presco

One of the Conservatives’ key policy areas of 2010, was to reduce the number of people in the UK claiming state benefits, and increase the number of people in the workforce. They have stated that all those in the UK claiming incapacity benefit, will face a review of their cases.

“I think the American public, the American people and President Obama will understand,” Cameron said.
“I haven’t spoken to him (Obama) since the debate and the vote but I would expect to speak to him over the next day or so. I don’t think it’s a question of having to apologize,” Cameron said in an interview aired on British television channels.
French President Francois Hollande said his country could go ahead with a strike on Syria for allegedly using chemical weapons against his own people in an attack that killed hundreds of people.

“The chemical massacre of Damascus cannot and must not remain unpunished,” Hollande said in an interview with the newspaper Le Monde, published on Friday and reported by CBS News.
Hollande said France wants a “proportional and firm action” but said when asked about the type of intervention that “all options are on the table.”

Margaret Thatcher won her party’s leadership election in 1975 and led them to subsequent victory in the 1979 general election. In the years preceding her election, the UK had experienced sustained inflation (above 20% by the time of the election, and rarely below 10%), rising unemployment and the “Winter of Discontent” in which the UK was blighted by a series of strikes.[32]
As prime minister, Thatcher focused on establishing a political ideology that became known as the “New Right” or Thatcherism, based on social and economic ideas from the United States. Thatcher believed that too much social-democratic-orientated government policy was leading to a long term decline in the British economy. As a result, her government pursued a programme of economic liberalism, adopting a free-market approach to public services based on the sale of publicly owned industries and utilities, as well as a reduction in trade union power. She held the belief that the existing trend of Unions was bringing economic progress to a standstill by enforcing “wildcat” strikes, keeping wages artificially high and forcing unprofitable industries to stay open.

In recent years, ‘modernisers’ in the party have claimed that the association between social conservatism and the Conservatives (manifest in policies such as tax incentives for married couples, the removal of the link between pensions and earnings, and criticism of public financial support for those who do not work) have played a role in the electoral decline of the party in the 1990s and early 2000s (decade). Since 1997, a debate has continued within the party between ‘modernisers’ such as Alan Duncan,[54] who believe that the Conservatives should modify their public stances on social issues, and ‘traditionalists’ such as Liam Fox

The party has strongly criticised Labour’s “state multiculturalism”.[59] Shadow Home Secretary Dominic Grieve said in 2008 that multiculturalism had created a “terrible” legacy, a cultural vacuum that has been exploited by “extremists”.[60] However conservative critics such as Peter Hitchens assert that Cameron’s is an equally multicultural outlook[61] and accuse the Conservative Party of promoting what they see as “Islamic extremists.”[62]

Foreign policy[edit source | editbeta]
For much of the 20th century, the Conservative party took a broadly Atlanticist stance in relations with the United States, favouring close ties with the United States and similarly aligned nations such as Canada, Australia and Japan. The Conservatives have generally favoured a diverse range of international alliances, ranging from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to the Commonwealth of Nations.
Close US-British relations have been an element of Conservative foreign policy since World War II. Winston Churchill during his 1951–1955 post-war premiership built up a strong relationship with the Eisenhower Administration in the United States. Harold Macmillan demonstrated a similarly close relationship with the Democratic administration of John F. Kennedy. Though the US–British relationship in foreign affairs has often been termed a ‘Special Relationship’, a term coined by Sir Winston Churchill, this has often been observed most clearly where leaders in each country are of a similar political stripe. The former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher built a close relationship with the American President Ronald Reagan in his opposition to the former Soviet Union, but John Major was less successful in his personal contacts with George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton.[citation needed] Out of power and perceived as largely irrelevant by American politicians, Conservative leaders Hague, Duncan-Smith, and Howard each struggled to forge personal relationships with presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. However, the Republican 2008 presidential candidate, John McCain, spoke at the 2006 Conservative Party Conference.[63]

One of the Conservatives’ key policy areas of 2010, was to reduce the number of people in the UK claiming state benefits, and increase the number of people in the workforce. They have stated that all those in the UK claiming incapacity benefit, will face a review of their cases. Until 1999, Conservatives opposed the creation of the National Minimum Wage, citing that they believed it would cost jobs, and businesses would be reticent to start business in the UK from fear of high labour costs.[75] However the party have since pledged support. They support, and have implemented, the restoration of the link between pensions and earnings, and seek to raise retirement age from 65 to 66.

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