British Conservatives Attack the U.S.

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consevaThe same Conservatives that threaten to shut down our government were hatched from the ass of the same British hen that kissed Reagan’s ass in order to get him to destroy the hippie. The Queen of England gave the nod to Margaret Thatcher because she was a member of Christian-right group that was attacking Beatlemania. Thatcher gave birth to the Tea Party that has a large evangelical base – that loves white people only! These fake Christians have opposed everything our President has tried to do, just because he is not one of them. These fake Christian in the U.S. and abroad, decided to stab the President in the back while he prepared to strike the monster in Syria that gas children the same way the Jews were gassed by Hitler. Like the shot the Slave Masters fired on Fort Sumter – this is war!

Know thy enemy! The neo-Confederates…

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