My Rival – Ian Sinclair

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Ian Sinclair and I belonged to a Knights Templar yahoogroup where he worked hard to get me banned. He claimed a wheel had come off my cart. Above is a photo of Ian with Star Dove who drove around America blessing Masonic sites. Did this tiny woman bless Benton family? I do not see any copyrights on this material. Let me know if you object to me posting this Magical Mystery Tour.

Above is a photo of Ken Kesey and Izzy who Iread poetry with at the Granary. Izzy is an old Prankster who went with Ken on his Search For Merlin Tour in 1991. Do you see a patern here, and why Ian would want to silence me, make me invisible – just like the kindred of Jesus and the real Templars? Ian has elected me. Thanks!

Jon Presco

LONDON, Aug 6, 1999 — Ken Kesey and his psychedelic…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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1 Response to My Rival – Ian Sinclair

  1. Alastair Stuart says:

    Hello Rosamnd Press,

    Ian Sinclair died in 2014. Whatever dispute you had with the gentleman, he is no longer able to answer back. I never met Ian, but locally in Wick, Scotland he was well liked by all accounts. Given the man has now gone to meet his maker, maybe, for the sake of decency, you might think kindly and leave the ‘rivalry’ rest now. Kindest wishes, Alastair.

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