Cab NY Poor to Work – Only

Bloomberg told cabbies they can pick up mulitiple fares because the subways are flooded. But, it is poor people who take the subways – and need to get to work because they can not miss a day of work, or, their families go hungry. If the poor don’t pay their bills, their heat will be shut off.

The well to do can afford to stay at home for a week, or, go on vacation. They can order out from their favorite fancy resturant and hold holloween pajama parties. The rich must show their picture IDS just in canse they dress like poor people, wear a disguise.

President Obama should allow NY cabbies to get paid by the Federal Government if they lose money helping the poor get to work. Well to do Democrats can treat the poor worker to cab rides, because Republican don’t care about the working poor. Send the Mercy Fleet to Broklyn and the Bronx. The poor have to get back to work!

Jon Presco

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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