Suddenly Last Summer

When I was sixteen I fashioned out of clay a hand struggling to stay alive, it being brought down into the depths of depravity and despair. This was the Artist’s Hand influenced by Jack London’s ‘Martin Eden’ and Sebastian being eaten alive in the movie ‘Suddenly Last Summer’ starring Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor.

There was no sibling rivalry between Christine and I as the parasites around us claim, they telling this lie in order to make a wound in our loving bond, so they can enter there.

Christine saw that I was somebody who didn’t need anymore perverted lessons from our parents, lessons that were was always about their destructive hatred for one another. Christine saw me make astute observations she wished she could make – that went outside the Presco Family Box, and told the Presco Family Loyalty Check to go fuck itself.

Vic and Rosemaries responce, their tactic, was to make me out to be insane – to my siblings and family. No one really bought that, at first. But when they failed to fashion their own key to their cells, it had to be my fault they coud never leave the nest – even when one of us became World Famous.

Rosamond lived in a tight, windowless cell, with their key in lock. She could have gone anywhere, lived any place – in the world! Why didn’t she – just walk away – like I did?

Randy Molnar, Lilian’s son, ended up with ‘The Hand’ and a goodly sum from the Vincent Rice Family Trust. I threatend to sue everyone when I found out Lillian had died, and no one told me because Mark Presco excommunicated me from the family. I was telling family secrets, and not buying the lies!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2012

Catharine Holly, a poor relation of promenient New Orleans family seems to be insane after her cousin Sebastian dies on a trip to Europe under mysterious circumstances. Sebastian’s mother, Violet Venable, trying to cloud the truth about her son’s pedophilia and death, threatens to lobotomize Catharine for her incoherent utterances relating to Sebastian’s demise. Under the influence of a truth serum, Catharine tells the gruesome story of Sebastian’s death by cannibalism at the hand of local boys whose sexual favors he sought, using Catharine as a device to attract the young men (as he had earlier used his mother).

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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