Vic the Nazi

On my first visit to the Engine Room, the workplace set aside in my father’s house to make tons of doe making high interest real estate loans, I beheld three young and beautiful woman had at work that Victor captured from the real work force. I didn’t know till now, but they were on Captain Victim’s Perk System of Perpetual Paranoia. You see, Vic was convinced everyone was out to cheat him, because he was out to cheat everyone who got near him, especially his two young sons, for one son was his Achilles heals, the chink in his armor, his pending downfall. Best cheat both of them just to make sure!

These secretaries had names for my father, Vic “Six Bucks”, and “Vic the Nazi”. Come lunchtime I heard this handle applied. The captain called out from the kitchen;

“Who wants some squid soup! Come and get it!”

Vic’s girls came running, because my father treated them better than his real family, because they were loyal workers, verses disloyal workers, or slaves, who wanted a real life!

Getting comfy on the big couch with Pops, Vic picked up his remote, pointed it at the T.V., and, we are beholding the Last Days of Hitler. He is patting the cheek of a thirteen year old boy who he is going to send to his death in the defecne of Berlin. Vic is choked up. He is now lecturing his girls, how things did not have to come to this if Rommel had not gone home on D Day to be with his family.

“Rommel’s weakness was his family. He forsake duty and nation to see his little brats, I mean, his adorable children!”

One of the secretaries looks up from her bowl at me, and says;

“We call your father “Vic the Nazi” because at lunch time he puts a Nazi documentary on, and lectures us how Germany should have won the war, if only they could have gotten his advice”

I shot a quick glance at Vic to see how he was taken this outrageous insubordination from this, traitor, this rebel. But, Vic was perfectly fine, he not blowing a gasket down in the torpedo room.

What the hell is going on here? I asked my War Code Room?

“Beats us, but we’re on it. Keep that young woman talking. She is key somehow. She may have found her way into Captain Victim’s Id, and knows how to work him.”

A couple days later, my sister Vicki calls and tells our father, she and her lover are going to be using the Chris Craft for a lovers rendezvous. Vic looks perturbed. He is pacing the floor like a hungry Lion. Some other man has come into his pride and is pleasing one of his girls, giving them what they want and need, in his place. This is a usurpation. Vic is on the phone calling up his help-meet. Now he is giving her a hard time, making sexual innuendos. The rebellious one speaks out;

“Greg. Your father is abusing your sister. Aren’t you going to do something!”

Jeez! What is it with this gal, does she want me to go into the kitchen and get another big knife?

When I was seven, Vic went out on work strike. He refused to work. He told Rosemary everyone was unfair to him. Why was he the only one who had to go to work, while five members of the family got to stay at home and do nothing. It irked him, that once Pops was out the door, those who pretended to love him, danced for joy, and had a real good time – at his expense.

Rosemary sent my brother and I to live with two grandmothers. I lived with Mary in Westwood, and Mark with Melba in Roseville. Vic liked this, because he had the women all to himself, rather then his sons having the women at to themselves.

When five moth had gone by, Mark and I were allowed to come home. Vic mad us stand at attention,so he could say this to us, sternly,with furled brow;

“There’s no free lunch in my house. You boys are going to go to work!”

And, thus, at eight and nine years of age, we began working for our boss at Acme Produce near Jack London Square. We got up at four in the morning, and didn’t get home till about nine at night, because after world Pops had to stop at Oscar’s Bar & Grill.

As we sat up straight in the cab of the truck, like dogs our gaze was fixed to the bar door. We were very hungry. We were not allowed to lie down. We did that once, and he caught us.

For years the Lads down in my War Code Room have been trying to fugue out what made Victor abused his sons. Yesterday, they figured it out. Here’s their report.

“Inside Oscars Bar & Grill your father met some real veterans, who had been in Germany fighting the Nazis. When they came home, nothing was the same for them. Everything had changed. Even though their wives appeared to have been loyal to them while they were away, there was evidence this was not the case. There were these sons that were not like their father. They were bight beams of light and love.

They seemed to love their mother, more then their fathers. As these Veterans began to visit the bar more frequently in order to deal with their PTSD, they began to conclude their wives had been unfaithful, and thus a unseen and nameless man, who did not go to war, had slipped a foreign egg in these mien’s nest, for them to rear, for them to work their ass off, while the real father went on their merry way! We’re talking about Paratiste of the Third Kind! These sons are Scapegoats chosen by their fathers to hide the truth they can not cope, can no longer live in the real world. So they are withdrawing into Bar World. The scapegoats are the reason their fathers get drunk. This is truly tragic for these children are gifts from God. They are………..The Sons of Peace!

How insidious! How diabolical. How important was it when Vic’s best friend and I went into the living rook to ask the two questions.

“What were you drinking when Greg was conceived.
Were you . playing cards?”

Jon Presco

Copyright 2011

Robert Powell played Captain Walker in Tommy, and Jesus.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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