Untold Account of Natlie Wood’s Death

Police ignored the calls of a woman who heard Natalie Wood’s drowning. Like my famous sister, Christine Rosamond, Natalie was terrified of the water because Natalie’s mother made a prophecy she would drown. Christine had nightmares about being swept out to sea by a huge wave, which made me wonder why she got so close to where large waves were breaking. Christine’s psychic had lay down the Death card during a reading, then commented on the sound of waves breaking in the distance.

No one would take me seriously. I believe this has to do with the person being famous, and the police not wanting to lose their jobs if they question the accounts, cast doubt on the veracity of famous and powerful people. In my case this lack of questioning still goes on, people looking at Stacey Pierrot as the holder of the truth because she was sold Rosamond’s estate by a court appointed attorney after Lawrence Chazen, a partner of Gordon Getty – and number one creditor – tried to become executor! Sydney Morris accused me of trying to author a exploitive novel. This came about after I sent a letter to the writer for the Picncone listing the lies that were told, according to the Private Detective who helped me investigate my sister’s death, that; “One you establish just one lie has been told, then anything could have happened at Rocky Point, including murder.” The idea of murder was used to destroy my credibility. The idea of murder is now being looked at in the drowning of Natalie. Consider the alcohol abuse. Good people can do anything while drunk.

The Coroner did change his report when he stated members of my family were “hikers on highway one” versus guests in a home. The name of the person who invited Christine to stay there is not known by me till this day. My sister drowned on March 26, 1994 at Rocky Point near Carmel.

Jon Presco

Drowning Natalie’s cries for help were ignored’: Witness account disclosedfor first time in 30 yearsWitness on another boat said she could hear a woman struggling in the water

Ship’s captain says death is ‘linked to an argument’ she had with actor husband Robert Wagner
Ms Wood’s sister claims Natalie hated water as she believed she would meet her death bydrowning

Autopsy revealed two dozen bruises on her body
Police may use new DNA technology in a new investigation into the death

By Caroline Graham

Last updated at 1:50 PM on 20th November 2011

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Hollywood star Natalie Wood was screamingfor help as she drowned, according to a witness whose account has never been disclosed.

Retired stockbroker Marilyn Wayne has told The Mail on Sunday she tried to report the star’s ‘last desperatecries for help’ but was ignored.

Los Angeles police last week said ‘substantial new evidence’ has led them to reopen their investigation into the death 30 years ago this week.

Mystery: Natalie drowned after a row while drinking with husband Robert Wagner and co-star Christopher Walken
The West Side Story actress’sdrowning off the coast of California was ruled accidental at the time. Now a police source has described Wood’s husband, Hart-To-Hart star Robert Wagner, now 81, as ‘a person of interest’ in the case.

Wagner – who was on his yacht Splendour with his wife and her alleged lover, Oscar-winner Christopher Walken, on the fateful night – has always maintained Wood, 43, accidentally slipped and drowned as she drunkenly tried to tie up a dinghy against the boat.

Wayne, 68, believes new statements from her and Dennis Davern, skipper of the Splendour, had triggered the latest police probe.

She said: ‘I have been waitingfor yearsfor them to take my account seriously but they would never listen.’
Wayne was on a nearby boat with a boyfriend called John on the night of November 28, 1981.

In a sworn statement submitted to the LA Sheriff’s department, Wayne said: ‘My cabin window was open. A woman’s voice, cryingfor help, awakened John and awakened me, “Help me, someone pleasehelp me, I’mdrowning”, we heard repeatedly.’

Wayne said John turned on their yacht’s beam light but they couldn’t see anything. Wayne claims she called the harbour patrol officer ‘but no one answered’ and the local sheriff’s office, who told her a helicopter would be sent. But it did not come.

She also claims to have heard a man’s slurred voice from the direction of the Splendour saying: ‘Oh, hold on, we’re coming to get you.’

Natalie Wood and husband Robert Wagner (left) on their boat Splendour, with captain Dennis Davern (right), just weeks before she died
‘Not long after that thecries for help subsided,’ she recalled.

It was only when Wayne gave an account of her story to a U.S. TV crewfor a programme scheduled to air next week, that she was asked to give a statement to police.

Wayne’s account matches that of Davern who says he was ‘coerced’ by Wagner’s lawyerinto backing Wagner’s story of an accidentaldrowning after the death.

Davern’s police statement describes a night of heavy drinking that ended in a furious row between Wagner and Wood after Walken had retired to bed.

Emotional: In a television interview, Lana Wood said her sister was terrified of water
Wood’s sister has claimed the actress was so scared of water that she would never have tried to get into a dinghy voluntarily before she drowned.
The coroner’s ruling, based on accounts from the actress’s husband Robert Wagner, outlined how she had fallen into the sea after attempting to secure the small boat, but that finding should not be believed, Lana Wood said.
Wood had developed a deep-rooted fear of water ever since her mother warned her as a child that she would meet her death bydrowning in ‘dark water’, Lana Wood told TMZ.
She said: ‘It gave Natalie a great fear. She hated the water, she wouldn’t even go into her own pool at home.’
Coroner’s officials at the time wrote that Ms Wood was ‘possibly attempting to board the dinghy and had fallen into the water, striking her face.’

Lana Wood, also an actress best knownfor her part in Diamonds AreForever, had never believed that her sister would have tried to sail herself at night, even after drinkingfor several hours.
The 65-year-old also claimed that the actress’s husband left her to drown on the night of her tragic death.
In an emotional interview Lana Wood said that when Natalie was in the water, Wagner, who she calls RJ, hadforbidden the captain fromhelping her and said: ‘Leave her there, teach her a lesson’.
Speaking to TMZ, she claimed Dennis Davern, captain of the Splendour yacht from which Ms Wood fell and drowned in 1981, told her what Wagner had said.

Lana told TMZ: ‘He (Dennis) said that everyone was quite drunk and that a fight broke out and that Natalie was in the water and he and RJ did nothing to pull her out.
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Mystery: The yacht ‘Splendour’ was pictured today moored in a harbor in Honolulu, Hawaii after investigators reopened the case into the mysterious death of Natalie Wood
Seeking the truth: Lana Wood, right, said she never believed Wagner’s story about how her sister Natalie, far left, died and believes only Wagner can give her the truth

‘He said, and this is a direct quote from what Dennis told me: ‘Leave her there, teach her a lesson’.’

In her interview she also claimed that the captain told her Wagner called his attorney before he alerted the Coastguard to the incident.

The revelations come as the police confirmed today that they will reopen the investigation into the death and said they may use new DNA technology after receiving ‘credible and substantial information’.
They said, until they find evidence to say otherwise, Natalie Wood’s death will still be ruled as an accidentaldrowning.
The sheriff said at this point her actor-husband Wagner is not a suspect.
One of the key witnesses in the reopening of the investigation is Mr Davern, who police confirmed they would interview.

Mr Davern has blamed Ms Wood’s husbandfor the death, claiming that – at the behest of Wagner – they did not do enough to find Ms Wood, after he advised against calling coastguardsfor four hours.

When asked if he thought Wagner was responsiblefor Ms Wood’s death, he said: ‘Yes, I would say so.’

Coming out:Former captain Dennis Davern is blaming Robert Wagnerfor Natalie Woods’ death saying he did not let them do anything to find her

Mr Davern, Ms Wood, Wagner and her Brainstorm co-star Christopher Walken – who police say is not a suspect – had been boating near Santa Catalina Island just off the coast of California.
The three friends had been drinking heavily and investigators ruled, after interviewing all parties on board, that Ms Wood’s death was an accident.

But now Mr Davern has admitted he lied in the initial police report and that he believes it was her husband who was responsiblefor her death.
He told NBC today: ‘I made some terrible decisions and mistakes. I did lie on a report several years ago.

‘I made mistakes by not telling the honest truth in a police report.’

He added: ‘We didn’t take any steps to see if we could locate her. I think it was a matter of, ‘We’re not going to look too hard, we’re not going to turn on the searchlight, we’re not going to notify anybody right now’.’
Wagner has yet to speak out about the new claims and has remained out of the public eye, holed up in his Hollywood mansion.
His publicist released a statement saying theywere leaving the matter in the hands of the LA County Sheriff’s department but appeared to blame Mr Davernfor trying to profiteer from her death.
The statement said: ‘We trust they will evaluate whether any new information relating to the death of Natalie Wood Wagner is valid, and that it comes from a credible source or sources other than those simply trying to profit from the 30-year anniversary of her tragic death.’
At a press conference in California today, police said in their eyes it is still an accidentaldrowning and will remain so until they follow up on the new information.
Meanwhile Ms Wood’s sister Lana yesterday said she never believed the account Wagner gave police about her sister’s death.

Lana said she was not interested in seeing anyone punished but just wanted the ‘truth’.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2063793/Natalie-Wood-death-Witness-account-disclosed-time-30-years.html#ixzz1eG5iIGsg

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