Vic the Nazi

Trump and my father are like twins. I posted this in 2011

Rosamond Press

On my first visit to the Engine Room, the workplace set aside in my fathers house to make tons of doe making high interest real estate loans, I beheld three young and beautiful woman had at work that Victor captured from the real work force. I didn’t know ti now, but they were on Captain Victim’s Perk System of Perpetual Paranoia. You see, Vic was conceived everyone was out to cheat him, because he was out to cheat anyone who got near him, especially his two young sons, for one son was his Achilles heals, the chink in his armor, his pending downfall. Best cheat both of them just to make sure!

These secretaries had to names for my father, Vic “Six Bucks”, and “Vic the Nazi”. Come lunchtime I heard this handle applied. The captain called out from the kitchen;

“Who wants some squid soup! Come and get it!”

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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