The King’s Royal Road Quest

This is applical to the history of Belmont because Stanford is buying the catholic college.

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At 2:00 P.M. on December 15, my long Quest – came to an end! How ironic, for the Quest of ‘Old Lima Bean’ is about to come to an end at the Cosmic Bagel. Alas, he will discover who he is. The same can be said for me – after I did some research for the job application I am going to fill out. I am going to say;

“I have not had a real job since I was eighteen. It was fifty-seven years ago that I dropped out of society! But, I’m back!”

At two, I read a paragraph that has changed my life. Into what – is to be seen – shortly!

“In the meantime, Franciscan friars were fleeing anti-Catholic legislation (the Kulturkampf) in Germany and emigrating to the United States. They came first to minister in the Midwest; from there, they were sent to California to help…

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